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A DHCP server backed by etcd
Fluent Bit
Fast and Lightweight Logs and Metrics processor for Linux, BSD, OSX and Windows
Go Fastdfs
go-fastdfs 是一个简单的分布式文件系统(私有云存储),具有无中心、高性能,高可靠,免维护等优点,支持断点续传,分块上传,小文件合并,自动同步,自动修复。Go-fastdfs is a simple distributed file system (private cloud storage), with no center, high performance, high reliability, maintenance free and other advantages, support breakpoint continuation, block upload, small file merge, automatic synchronization, automatic r…
Find security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and infrastructure misconfigurations early in the development cycle of your infrastructure-as-code with KICS by Checkmarx.
Manage federated learning workload using cloud native technologies.
Automate application management on Kubernetes (project under CNCF)
Speedle is an open source project for access control.
hiboot is a high performance web and cli application framework with dependency injection support
Kubecon North America 2018
KubeCon-CloudNativeCon-North-America-2018's slides. / 2018北美CNCF大会PPT。
Dagger 是一个基于 Loki 的日志查询和管理系统,它是由达闼科技( CloudMinds )云团队的`大禹基础设施平台`派生出来的一个项目。Dagger 运行在 Loki 前端,具备日志查询、搜索,保存和下载等特性,适用于云原生场景下的容器日志管理场景。
Oci Cloudnative
MuShop - Cloud Native microservices demo for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Designing Cloud Native Microservices On Aws
Introduce a fluent way to design cloud native microservices via EventStorming workshop, this is a hands-on workshop. Contains such topics: DDD, Event storming, Specification by example. Including the AWS product : Serverless Lambda , DynamoDB, Fargate, CloudWatch.
Dubbo Go Pixiu
Based on the proxy gateway service of dubbo-go, it solves the problem that the external protocol calls the internal Dubbo cluster. At present, it supports HTTP and gRPC[developing].
Cloud Native Daily Digest 云原生技术日报
Kubecon Cloudnativecon Europe 2019
KubeCon-CloudNativeCon-Europe-2019's slides. / 2019欧洲CNCF大会PPT。
⚖️Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)
SODA API is an open source implementation of SODA API Standards for Data and Storage Management.
Tyk Open Source API Gateway written in Go, supporting REST, GraphQL, TCP and gRPC protocols
High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage
High Performance Rate Limiting MicroService and Library
Nocalhost is Cloud Native Dev Environment.
The experimentation and testing tool for Apache Mesos - NO LONGER MAINTANED!
Localized Helm charts from Helm Hub to China
EdgeFS - decentralized, scalable data fabric platform for Edge/IoT Computing and Kubernetes apps
NativeStor provide kubernetes local storage which is light weight and high performance
A cloud native hyperf skeleton, featuring kubernetes
No description or website provided.
archi cloudnative
Cloud Native Architectural Models using Archi. Contains models for CAAS, Cloud Native Applications, 12/15 Factor Applications with CI/CD/CS, monitoring and log management. Infrastructure components include Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Storage, Red Hat Ansible Tower, Red Hat Cloudforms, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat JBoss Middleware.
Operating Systems & Cloud Native Theory, Workshops, Guides, Cool Cloud Native Projects and students contribution area
Comparing the CPU/Memory utilisation - Quarkus via GraalVM Native Image vs. Quarkus via Java Runtime vs. Payara-Micro via Java Runtime.
Speedle+ is an open source project for access management. It is based on Speedle open source project and maintained by previous Speedle maintainers.
Nocalhost is Cloud Native Dev Environment. Provides nocalhost to help connect IntelliJ IDE and Kubernetes smoothly.
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