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Nvm Windows
A node.js version management utility for Windows. Ironically written in Go.
P5 Manager
A p5js template builder & sketches manager. Built for p5js enthusiasts.
This repository contains the source code for the database schema for the PostBooks edition of xTuple ERP and xTuple's REST API server. The REST API server is written in JavaScript running on Node.js. The database schema for PostBooks runs on a PostgreSQL database server.
Farm management Information System - Connecting farms to the world
can be found on Telegram as
Curator is to Zookeeper what Pallas is to Elasticsearch
Open Product Management
A curated list of product management advice from frameworks, interviews, experts, resources, books, products, career preps, and much more. The list is divided into cores such as product management, resources, interviews, case Studies, sample products/projects, communities, open source projects, free and paid services. There is no pre-established order of items in each category, the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide. Feel free to add products or links to help other product managers.
MasterPlan is a project management software / visual idea board software. It attempts to be easy to use, lightweight, and fun.
📒 The light/responsive inventory management system available on Windows, macOS and Linux.
Akka Management
Akka Management is a suite of tools for operating Akka Clusters.
Kiali project, observability for the Istio service mesh
Zerocrat Core Engine
A beautifully-simple framework-agnostic modern state management library.
Vue Auth Solution
Vue 权限管理解决方案
Knative Lambda Runtime
Running AWS Lambda Functions on Knative/Kubernetes Clusters
Cloudflare Partner Management Panel
NO LONGER USER LEVEL SUPPORTED. CONTRIBUTING DEVELOPERS INTERESTED IN MAINTAINING ATUTOR, SHOULD REQUEST COLLABORATOR ACCESS. : ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to develop and deliver online courses. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, develop custom themes to give ATutor a new look, and easily extend its functionality with feature modules. Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute standardized Web-based instructional content, easily import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online. Students learn in an accessible, adaptive, social learning environment.
A cross platform manga/doujinshi manager with namespace & tag support
Food Ordering System
Food or Item Order Management System
Friendly Web UI to manage and monitor docker
Engineering Management
A collection of inspiring resources related to engineering management and tech leadership
A distributed data integration framework that simplifies common aspects of big data integration such as data ingestion, replication, organization and lifecycle management for both streaming and batch data ecosystems.
Sistema de Gerenciamento de Atendimento adaptável para grandes e pequenas organizações.
Mirror of trytond
Web api management and performance testing tools
Redfish Ansible Module
Ansible modules for Out-Of-Band Controllers using Redfish APIs
iDempiere. Community Powered Enterprise. Full Open Source Business Suite ERP/CRM/MFG/SCM/POS
Streamdeck Tools
The Stream Deck Tools library wraps all the communication with the Stream Deck app, allowing you to focus on actually writing the Plugin's logic
Coddx Alpha
Coddx - a collection of tools that help developers program efficiently. One of the features is generating multiple files from templates quickly.
Local and Anki-compatible note-taking tool based on TiddlyWiki
Laravel Filemanager
Media gallery with CKEditor, TinyMCE and Summernote support. Built on Laravel file system.
Shadowsocks Hub
A web app managing shadowsocks users, servers, nodes, products, accounts, and traffic. Suitable for internal use by companies, organizations, and friends.
afctl helps to manage and deploy Apache Airflow projects faster and smoother.
cli tool for common VMware vSphere tasks
Command Line Manager + Interactive Shell for Python Projects
Stencil Store
Store is a lightweight shared state library by the StencilJS core team. Implements a simple key/value map that efficiently re-renders components when necessary.
by ex-googlers, for ex-googlers - a lookup table of similar tech & services
Simple hooks-based state management for React
The source code of the Scelight project with all its modules.
Stock Management System
An Introductory Stock Management System built on PHP, jQuery with AJAX in MVC pattern.
Qt Client
This repository contains the source code for the Desktop client. The Desktop client is built using the Qt framework for C++. The client can be extended or customized using JavaScript. This client is used by all editions of xTuple ERP.
OfficeLife manages everything employees do in a company. From projects to holidays to 1 on 1s to ... 🚀
Machinery Industry Press
Rabbit Mq Admin Toolkit
Manage a RabbitMQ cluster easily.
Kafkawize : A Self service Apache Kafka Topic Management tool/portal. A Web application which automates the process of creating and browsing Kafka topics, acls, schemas by introducing roles/authorizations to users of various teams of an org.
Mainwp Child
The MainWP Child plugin is installed on the WordPress sites that you want to control from the MainWP Dashboard.
Repository for Shoko Desktop
Common Env
🔑 The only configuration library you will ever need
1on1 Questions
Mega list of 1 on 1 meeting questions compiled from a variety to sources
Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor 🐧💻
Spigot plugin to manage your server remotely using a web interface
Searches the directory of choice for interesting files. Such as database files and files with passwords stored on them
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