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Seamless interop layer between cats and scalaz
Lua Compat 5.3
Compatibility module providing Lua-5.3-style APIs for Lua 5.2 and 5.1
Obsolete Webpack Plugin
🌈 A Webpack plugin generates a browser-side standalone script that detects browser compatibility based on `Browserslist` and prompts website users to upgrade it.
HTML and CSS Compatibility tables for emails
Revapi is an API analysis and change tracking tool written in Java. Its focus is mainly on Java language itself but it has been specifically designed to not be limited to just Java. API is much more than just java classes - also various configuration files, schemas, etc. can contribute to it and users can become reliant on them.
Browsers Support Badges
Browsers support badges for GitHub
FingerprintDialog from Android 28 (P) back ported to Android 23 (M).
Compatibility across Julia versions
A quick overview of what CSS features to prefix
Yet another Python Python
Cube World Beta Compatibility DLLs for Win7_64
Preact Compat
🙌 React compatibility layer for Preact.
Graphene / Graphene-SGX - a library OS for Linux multi-process applications, with Intel SGX support
Android Scanner Compat Library
A compat library for Bluetooth Low Energy scanning on Android.
Fixes compatibility issues with older games running on Windows 10 by wrapping DirectX dlls. Also allows loading custom libraries with the file extension .asi into game processes.
React Lifecycles Compat
Backwards compatibility polyfill for React class components
Php Compat Info
Library that find out the minimum version and the extensions required for a piece of code to run
Browser Compat Data
This repository contains compatibility data for Web technologies as displayed on MDN
Browser Update
Remind users to update their browser in an unobtrusive way
access legacy Python 2 code from within Python 3
Windows app for bulk editing compatibility settings.
__dirname and __filename for ES Modules environment
Helps macro writers produce better errors for macro users
Graphene / Graphene-SGX - a library OS for Linux multi-process applications, with Intel SGX support
Checks the version of ES in JavaScript files with simple shell commands
Easily allow your Node program to run in a target node version range to maximize compatibility.
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