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jQuery JavaScript Library
Yii2 File Upload Widget
BlueImp File Upload Widget for Yii2
Persian Date Time Picker with jQuery & Bootstrap
Visual Studio Jquery Code Snippets
130+ jQuery code snippets for Visual Studio 2012-2019.
An accessible dialog window library for all humans.
Django Bootstrap Modal Forms
A Django plugin for creating AJAX driven forms in Bootstrap modal.
Ziptastic Jquery Plugin
This is a jQuery plugin that shows how Ziptastic could be used.
Ajax Live Search
AJAX Live Search is a PHP search form that similar to Google Autocomplete feature displays the result as you type.
Jquery Flexselect
💪☑️ A jQuery plugin that turns regular select boxes into Quicksilver-like, flex-matching, incremental-finding controls.
Jquery Viewer
A jQuery plugin wrapper for Viewer.js.
Warehouse Inventory System
Open source inventory management system with php and mysql
A lightweight horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery.
Angular, Vue, React, Web Components, Blazor, Javascript, jQuery and ASP .NET Framework,
Jquery Auto Geocoder
jQuery plug-in to automatically geocode and display a location entered.
Github fork of Christian Bach's tablesorter plugin + awesomeness ~
Bbs Ssm
Jquery Multiselect
Turn a multiselect list into a nice and easy to use list with checkboxes.
A Versatile and Expandable jQuery Plotting Plugin
A lightweight jQuery magnifying glass zoom plugin.
⭕️ CSS percentage circle built with jQuery
Graphql Demo
🎉Koa + GraphQL + Apollo-Server demo
Bootstrap Checkbox
A checkbox component based on Bootstrap framework.
Nice, sleek and stylish notifications.
Jquery Modal
The simplest possible modal for jQuery
📃 Fold up DOM elements like paper
A function for elements selection
Kendo Ui Core
An HTML5, jQuery-based widget library for building modern web apps.
Civitas is an empire-building game written in Javascript with the help of the jQuery library.
Jquery Aniview
A jQuery plugin that works in harmony with animate.css in order to enable animations only when content comes into view.
Advanced form elements customization using CSS/JS
Hc Offcanvas Nav
JavaScript library for creating toggled off-canvas multi-level navigations, allowing endless nesting of submenu elements, supporting swipe gestures, keyboard interactions and ARIA attributes.
GleezCMS - A Light, Simple, Flexible Content Management System
A jQuery plugin to make your form controls look how you want them to. Now with HTML-5 attributes!
Jquery Easy Ticker
jQuery easy ticker is a news ticker like plugin, which scrolls the list infinitely. It is highly customizable, flexible with lot of features and works in all browsers.
♠️ C# to JavaScript compiler. Write modern mobile and web apps in C#. Run anywhere with Bridge.NET.
Laravel Datatables Buttons
jQuery DataTables Buttons Plugin for Laravel.
Jquery Gantt
🌈 Lightweight jQuery gantt plugin.
jQuery Calx - a jQuery plugin for creating formula-based calculation form
FeedEk jQuery RSS/ATOM Feed Plugin
A photobooth Web-Application for raspberry pi with gphoto2
Laravel Datatables Html
Laravel DataTables HTML Builder Plugin
Eslint Plugin Jquery
Disallow jQuery functions with native equivalents.
Opal Jquery
jQuery for Opal
✭ 187
It's a simple and direct organization chart plugin. Anytime you want a tree-like chart, you can turn to OrgChart.
You can easily create the horizontal timeline with two types by using this jQuery plugin.
Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.
🖼 A jQuery plugin to view images just like in Windows. Browser support IE7+!
Bootstrap Input Spinner
A Bootstrap 4 / jQuery plugin to create input spinner elements for number input
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