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Never: statically typed, embeddable functional programming language.
Eclipse OpenJ9: A Java Virtual Machine for OpenJDK that's optimized for small footprint, fast start-up, and high throughput. Builds on Eclipse OMR ( and combines with the Extensions for OpenJDK for OpenJ9 repo.
A Blockchain Virtual Machine
Awesome Vm Exploit
share some useful archives about vm and qemu escape exploit. A high speed (Gbps) Forensics, Memory integrity & assurance. Includes offensive & defensive memory capabilities. Find/Extract processes, hypervisors (including nested) in memory dumps using microarchitechture independent Virtual Machiene Introspection techniques
Firecracker Go Sdk
An SDK in Go for the Firecracker microVM API
Simple, expressive & portable programming language for efficient scripting
Swift Lispkit
Interpreter framework for Lisp-based extension and scripting languages on macOS and iOS. LispKit is based on the R7RS standard for Scheme. Its compiler generates bytecode for a virtual machine. LispKit is fully implemented in Swift 5.
An alternative BEAM implementation, designed for WebAssembly
The purpose of Emupedia is to serve as a nonprofit meta-resource, hub and community for those interested mainly in video game preservation which aims to digitally collect, archive and preserve games and software to make them available online accessible by a user-friendly UI that simulates several retro operating systems for educational purposes.
Linux Unattended Installation
This project provides all you need to create an unattended installation of a minimal setup of Linux.
💻 An assembler for custom, user-defined instruction sets!
Obfuscation method using virtual machine.
A Squeak/Smalltalk VM and Polyglot Programming Environment for the GraalVM.
Macos Virtualbox Vm
Instructions and script to help you create a VirtualBox VM running macOS.
[DEPRECATED] Official, pre-packaged Vagrant Box
Hands On Devops
A hands-on DevOps course covering the culture, methods and repeated practices of modern software development involving Packer, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ansible, Kubernetes, K3s, MetalLB, Traefik, Docker-Compose, Docker, Taiga, GitLab, Drone CI, SonarQube, Selenium, InSpec, Alpine 3.10, Ubuntu-bionic, CentOS 7...
firectl is a command-line tool to run Firecracker microVMs
Docker Machine Vultr
Ⓜ️ Docker Machine driver for Vultr Cloud
Package vsock provides access to Linux VM sockets (AF_VSOCK) for communication between a hypervisor and its virtual machines. MIT Licensed.
🚀 a lightweight, universal actor-model vm for writing scalable and reliable applications that run natively and on WebAssembly
Image Bootstrap
⛅️ Creates (chroots and) bootable virtual machine images; command line tool (Python 3)
Kata Containers version 1.x runtime (for version 2.x see
A simple virtual machine - compiler & interpreter - written in golang
Babun Docker
Use Docker Toolbox with Babun (Cygwin) in Windows
A reproduction of the Core War game. Assembly compiler, Virtual Machine and GUI.
An unofficial standalone WebAssembly process virtual machine
Comp M2
Comp Mark II – Simple 4-bit virtual computer
SimpleSvmHook is a research purpose hypervisor for Windows on AMD processors.
Xs Vm
eXtremely small virtual machine -- for educational purposes :)
Neo Vm
NEO Virtual Machine
Kvm Vmi
KVM-based Virtual Machine Introspection
A minimalistic educational hypervisor for Windows on AMD processors.
Cloudstack Ui
Modern UI for Apache Cloudstack User Self Service Portal
Esp8266 game engine
Used ili9341 or ST7735. Contains a virtual machine running games from RAM.
Eru, a simple, stateless, flexible, production-ready orchestrator designed to easily integrate into existing workflows. Can run any virtualization things in long or short time.
Homestead improved
A un upgraded fork of the original Laravel Homestead
Qemu Images
A collection of disk images and virtual machines that can be used by the QEMU emulator
Pafish is a testing tool that uses different techniques to detect virtual machines and malware analysis environments in the same way that malware families do
🌟This is a pure C++ implementation of Java Virtual Machine (only Java 8 is supported). Inspired by Hotspot In Action.
自制的一个编译器, 用于学习,完整实现了词法分析,语法分析,中间代码(SSA)生成,机器码生成,和基于寄存器的虚拟机
A small portable virtual machine that would run Erlang on embedded systems
The Simple Intelligent and Modular Programming Language and Environment
turn your applications and containers into micro virtual machines
Zero-knowledge virtual machine written in Rust
Macos Simple Kvm
Tools to set up a quick macOS VM in QEMU, accelerated by KVM.
Aura Operating System
AuraOS, the Franco-English Operating System developed in C# using Cosmos!
Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation
The smart virtual machines manager. A modern CLI for Vagrant Boxes.
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