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Easy to integrate memory allocation library for Direct3D 12
Cross-platform streamproof ESP hack for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, written in modern C++. Rendering and GUI powered by Dear ImGui.
very last engine ever
🎲 Modern 3D graphics made simple with cross-platform C++17 meta-API on top of DirectX 12 & Metal (Vulkan is coming)
scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine (C++, Python, C#, Java)
ImGui GIZMO widget - 3D object manipulator / orientator
HGE 1.9 configured with CMake DirectX9 version, with shaders. The classic 1.8.1. version is in the `master` branch if you ever need that.
Directx Headers
Official DirectX headers available under an open source license
Dilithium is a bidirectional shader converter for converting between DXIL and SPIR-V.
A simple game framework for C++
Dx12 Game Programming
DirectX 12 C# samples from Frank D. Luna's book "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 12.0"
✭ 156
OpenKO is an open source version of the old school Knight Online MMORPG
The DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK) is a collection of helper classes for writing DirectX 11.x code in C++
Glide/DirectX implementation on D3D11/12
Modern C++14 library for the development of real-time graphical applications
Xray 16
Improved version of the X-Ray Engine, the game engine used in the world-famous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series by GSC Game World. Join OpenXRay! ;)
⚔️ A tool for cross compiling shaders. Convert between GLSL, HLSL, Metal Shader Language, or older versions of GLSL.
Directx Wrappers
Wraps the main DirectX and Direct3D DLLs. It allows you to intercept calls to DirectX and Direct3D interface functions so that you can log API calls or you can add your own code into the game, such as enabling Anti-Aliasing or creating overlays in the game.
Pre-Multiplied blend mode is a 3 in 1 blend mode that has a lot of uses. It has been around for a long time but it seems to be re-discovered every few years. This project includes descriptions/examples and tools for using pre-multiplied alpha.
Cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, "Bring Your Own Engine/Framework" style rendering library.
Indielib Crossplatform
IndieLib is a cross-platform Game Graphics engine. Main focus is OpenGL ES 2.0 for mobile iOS operating system, and OpenGL desktop. **NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE**
Dds Ktx
Single header KTX/DDS reader
QDirect3DWidget implementation similar to the built-in QOpenGLWidget
Helix Toolkit
Helix Toolkit is a collection of 3D components for .NET.
DirectXTex texture processing library
Games for Windows and the DirectX SDK blog
Low Level Graphics Library (LLGL) is a thin abstraction layer for the modern graphics APIs OpenGL, Direct3D, Vulkan, and Metal
A .NET 5 library to run C# code in parallel on the GPU through DX12 and dynamically generated HLSL compute shaders, with the goal of making GPU computing easy to use for all .NET developers! 🚀
🎮 GameOverlay using CEF with support for common rendering backends
DirectXMath is an all inline SIMD C++ linear algebra library for use in games and graphics apps
Aero Engine D3d
An action-based game engine in Direct 3D
DirectX9 to DirectX12 API proxy for Guild Wars 2
Live shader coding tool and Shader Showdown workhorse
A Direct3D9 to Vulkan layer using the DXVK backend. [Upstreamed to DXVK]
The DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK12) is a collection of helper classes for writing DirectX 12 code in C++
A simple, direct, ultra-thin CLR library for high-performance Win32 Native Interop
UVAtlas isochart texture atlas
Fixes compatibility issues with older games running on Windows 10 by wrapping DirectX dlls. Also allows loading custom libraries with the file extension .asi into game processes.
DirectXMesh geometry processing library
Effects for Direct3D 11 (FX11) is a management runtime for authoring HLSL shaders, render state, and runtime variables together.
DXUT is a "GLUT"-like framework for Direct3D 11.x Win32 desktop applications; primarily samples, demos, and prototypes.
gameoverlay solution for Electron, Qt and CEF, just like discord game overlay and steam game overlay, inject any app to overlay in your game
Borderless Gaming
Play your favorite games in a borderless window; no more time consuming alt-tabs.
Modern C++14 game engine with Vulkan support, fully featured editor and C# scripting
Fx Gltf
A C++14/C++17 header-only library for simple, efficient, and robust serialization/deserialization of glTF 2.0
DirectX hook and game overlay solution for Electron, Qt and CEF, just like discord/steam game overlay,inject any app to overlay in your game
2D/3D graphics engine written in C++ language. It currently supports the following graphics APIs: OpenGL 3.3+, Vulkan 1.2, DirectX 11. Its current purpose is to experiment with various CG concepts and techniques.
RenderDoc application bindings for Rust
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