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Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.
Express Mongoose Es6 Rest Api
💥 A boilerplate application for building RESTful APIs Microservice in Node.js using express and mongoose in ES6 with code coverage and JsonWebToken Authentication
Next Go
Production ready blog + boilerplate for Next.js 3.X
Spresso Search
Visual metasearch engine built with TypeScript, React, Redux & Express
Vue + Vue-router + Vuex 实现前端页面及逻辑,Express 实现注册登录登出的RestFul API 。
Extremely simple boilerplate, easiest you can find, for React application including all the necessary tools: Flow | React 16 | redux | babel 6 | webpack 3 | css-modules | jest | enzyme | express + optional: sass/scss
Hackathon Starter Kit
A Node-Typescript/Express Boilerplate with Authentication(Local, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Discord, Slack), Authorization, and CRUD functionality + PWA Support!
Express Ejs Layouts
Layout support for ejs in express.
Express Basic Auth
Plug & play basic auth middleware for express
Awesome Express
这个仓库主要是收集 Express 好用的中间件、新闻资讯、网站等,这是我在基于Express开发web应用过程中搜集到的一些插件和看到的一些好的内容。
Neo4j Movies Template
A Neo4j movies React application with backends in Python/Flask and Node/Express.
React Server-Side Rendering Example
A microservice development architecture based on nest.js. —— 基于 Nest.js 的微服务开发架构。
Openapi Comment Parser
⚓️ JSDoc Comments for the OpenAPI Specification
🚀 Content management and distribution with a touch of elegance.
Openapi Backend
Build, Validate, Route, Authenticate and Mock using OpenAPI
Mern Passport
A boilerplate example of using passport.js for authenticating a MERN application
Express Starter
It's a hackathon-starter fork, but designed to use PostgreSQL by default (or MySQL)
Imitate One
用vue+webpack + node仿制的One[一个 ]app
Exercises for the Full Stack Open course.
Express Es6 Rest Api
🔋 Starter project for an ES6 RESTful Express API.
React Ssr News
Server Side Rendering for React demo project
Connext Js
A middleware and route handling solution for Next.js.
Inversify Express Example
The official express + inversify+ inversify-express-utils examples
React Express Stripe
💰 Minimal Boilerplate for Stripe used in React and Express. Charge payments from your customers with this project.
Auth Jwt
A demo to learn JWT by reverse engineering
Express React Redux Starter
Starter for Express, React, Redux, SCSS applications
Mern Ecommerce
🎈 Fullstack MERN Ecommerce Application
React Discord Clone
Discord Clone using React, Node, Express, Socket-IO and Mysql
Build your own SaaS business with SaaS boilerplate. Productive stack: React, Material-UI, Next, MobX, WebSockets, Express, Node, Mongoose, MongoDB. Written with TypeScript.
Express Graphql Boilerplate
Express GraphQL API with JWT Authentication and support for sqlite, mysql, and postgresql
Vue Node Pastime
😄 基于vue全家桶、nodejs和mongodb的前后端整合项目
Crudl Example Express
CRUDL with Node/Express and MongoDB
Feathers Vue
A boiler plate template using Feathers with Email Verification, Vue 2 with Server Side Rendering, stylus, scss, jade, babel, webpack, ES 6-8, login form, user authorization, and SEO
Internship Lms Frontend
We are in the mission of solving a crisis for a lot of small and medium enterprises, who are trying to recruit interns for their projects. This platform aims to onboard new interns, who have applied to the companies and help them understand the process and make the transition smooth.
Forum software created using Express, Vue, and Sequelize
Node Rem
Node REM - NodeJS Rest Express MongoDB and more: typescript, passport, JWT,, HTTPS, HTTP2, async/await, nodemailer, templates, pagination, docker, etc. Live Demo:
👕 👖 📦 A sample web and mobile application built with Node, Express, React, React Native, Redux and GraphQL. Very basic replica of / (allows users to get monthly subscription of trendy clothes and accessories).
Cool Admin Api
cool-admin-api 是基于egg.js、typeorm、jwt等封装的api开发脚手架、快速开发api接口
something like QQ、weibo、weChat(vue+express+socket.io仿微博、微信的聊天社交平台)
Temperature Monitor
Raspberry Pi-based home temperature monitoring network.
Kin Api Server
API Server for Kin Calendar
Vue Vant Store
Next React Graphql Apollo Hooks
React, Apollo, Next.js, GraphQL, Node.js, TypeScript high performance boilerplate with React hooks GraphQL implementation and automatic static type generation
Stock Market India
API for Indian Stock Market's NSE and BSE.
Host Validation
Express.js middleware for "Host" and "Referer" header validation to protect against DNS rebinding attacks.
Sharex Upload Server
AKA ShareS - Feature full & Stable ShareX and file server in node. Includes images, videos, code, text, markdown rendering, password protected uploads, logging via discord, administration through Discord, url shortening, and a full front end. Use standalone or via reverse proxy
Ts App
Boilerplate project for a TypeScript API (Express, tsoa) + UI (React/TSX)
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