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Elixir package for Oauth authentication via Google Cloud APIs
Bigquery Grafana
Google BigQuery Datasource Plugin for Grafana.
Awesome Podcasts
🎙 A collection of awesome engineering podcasts! ARCHIVED in favor of
Resources to prepare for Google Certified Cloud Architect Professional Exam - 2017
GitHub Action for interacting with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Like but a command line tool
Docker Kubernetes By Example Java
An end-to-end Spring Boot example w container and Kubernetes
Gcp Data Engineer Exam
Study materials for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineering Exam
Gcp Audit
A tool for auditing security properties of GCP projects.
Gcp Service Broker
Open Service Broker for Google Cloud Platform
If you are looking to become a Google Cloud Engineer , then you are at the right place. GCPSketchnote is series where I share Google Cloud concepts in quick and easy to learn format.
Google Cloud Gui
GUI for Google Cloud Datastore emulator and production
🐦 Pigeon is a Google Cloud Vision library written in Go
Yummy Phoenix Graphql
Cooking recipe sharing app built with Phoenix, React, GraphQL and Kubernetes
Functions Samples
Collection of sample apps showcasing popular use cases using Cloud Functions for Firebase
Reliable data integration & processing for advertisers
Gke Networking Demos
This project presents a number of best practices for establishing network links between Kubernetes Engine clusters, and exposing cluster services across Google Cloud projects. You will use a set of Deployment Manager templates to create networks, subnets, vpn connections, and Kubernetes Engine clusters.
Awesome Gcp Certifications
Google Cloud Platform Certification resources.
Unity Solutions
Use Firebase tools to incorporate common features into your games!
Creating time bound IAM Conditions with ease and flair
Terraform Security Scan
Run a security scan on your terraform with the very nice
Cloudml Magic
Jupyter Notebook Magics for Google Cloud ML Engine
Gcp Pcf Quickstart
Install Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform With One Command
Gke Istio Vpn Demo
This project demonstrates how Istio's mesh expansion feature can be used to link services accross a VPN. The feature allows for a non-Kubernetes service running outside of the Istio infrastructure on Kubernetes Engine, to be integrated into, and managed by the Istio service mesh.
Cloud Functions Runtime Config
Wrapper around Google API Client to read Runtime Config variables in Cloud Functions
Secrets Store Csi Driver Provider Gcp
Google Secret Manager provider for the Secret Store CSI Driver.
Terraform Gcp Kubernetes Traefik
Little example of how to deploy a gke cluster with terraform and use traefik as ingress controller
Cloud Builders
Builder images and examples commonly used for Google Cloud Build
Medium Article
Repo for articles in my personal blog and Medium
Cloudflare Public Dynamic Ip Update
Updating public dynamic IP address to existing cloudflare DNS record
Django Cloud Tasks
Integrate Google Cloud Tasks with Django
Cloud Builders Community
Community-contributed images for Google Cloud Build
Terraform Google Vault
Terraform module to deploy Vault as a container on Google Cloud Run
Google Cloud Php
Google Cloud Client Library for PHP
Google Cloud Platformのノウハウを共有するRepository
Firebase Gcp Examples
🔥 Firebase app architectures, languages, tools & some GCP things! React w Next.js, Svelte w Sapper, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run.
Reads from existing Cloud Providers (reverse Terraform) and generates your infrastructure as code on Terraform configuration
Cloud Functions Go
Unofficial Native Go Runtime for Google Cloud Functions
Measure your latency to GCP regions
Bigquery Utils
Useful scripts, udfs, views, and other utilities for migration and data warehouse operations in BigQuery.
A toolbox to enforce firewall rules across multiple GCP projects.
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