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🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ One easy-to-use component for Vue.js to build beautiful responsive timelines.
Redirect Module
No more cumbersome redirects!
👉 Responsive ecommerce template 🛒 built with Vue.js and Nuxt.js
0xcert Framework - JavaScript framework for building decentralized applications - build something unique
Nuxt Shopify
🛍 Seamless Shopify Buy SDK integration with Nuxt.js.
Open-Source, collaborative, digital Whiteboard
[Experimental] Source data from anywhere, for Next.js, Nuxt.js, Eleventy and many more.
Nuxt Netlify Cms Module
Easy Netlify CMS integration with nuxt.js
Router Extras Module
Extra Add-ons For Nuxt Router
Typed Vuex
🏦 A typed store accessor for vanilla Vuex.
Gtm Module
Google Tag Manager Module for Nuxt.js
Svg Sprite Module
Optimize SVG files and combine them into sprite
Bootstrap Vue
BootstrapVue provides one of the most comprehensive implementations of Bootstrap v4 for Vue.js. With extensive and automated WAI-ARIA accessibility markup.
Nuxt Netlify Cms Starter Template
⚡ Build server-less, static websites with Vue.js and Netlify CMS.
Feed Module
Everyone deserves RSS, ATOM and JSON feeds!
Python Module
Write Nuxt.js applications using Python! [Experimental]
Sprites As A Service
Generate your personal 8-bit avatars using Cellular Automata, a mathematical model that simulates life, survival, and extinction
Nuxt Client Init Module
Provide client version of nuxtServerInit
Hackernews Nuxt Ts
Typescript Version of HackerNews Nuxt
Nuxt Imagemin
Nuxt module to minify your images. Works with: png, jpeg, gif, and svg
Nuxt Coreui
💫 NuxtJS + CoreUI Project — Unofficial Nuxt + CoreUI project, free to use boilerplate for every need.
✭ 166
Roomler - Multi-party Video Conferencing & Team Collaboration Tool using WebRTC (Janus Gateway)
Ob Low Impact Website
The Low Impact version of the Organic Basics website
✭ 147
Xm Nuxtjs Wordpress
🎉Nuxt.js+Wordpress Rest API
Nuxt Payload Extractor
Nuxt.js module that makes `nuxt generate` command to store html and payload separately.
Web Vitals Module
Web Vitals: Essential module for a healthy Nuxt.js
A Nuxt-based blogging engine and boilerplate
Blog Module
Build your blog with @nuxt
Jellyfin Vue
A modern web client for Jellyfin based on Vue.
Vue State Store
📮 VSS (Vue State Store) - Vue State Management (with Publish & Subscribe pattern)
Nuxt Beginners Guide
Japan's first book that corresponds to Nuxt.js v2 and focuses on deep content.
TypeScript friendly internal link client for Next.js, Nuxt.js and Sapper.
Nuxt Helmet
👷 Helmet for Nuxt
Contenta vue nuxt
Start in minutes a Drupal 8 with JSON API and Vue.js : a Nuxt.js ( Vue.js SSR ) consumer for Contenta CMS
Nuxt Svg Loader
SVGs as components, also on the server side!
Nuxt Dev To Clone
Build DEV.TO clone with Nuxt.js and new `fetch` hook
A free, open-source, self-hosted forum software written in Go 官方QQ群:656868
Front end for [] - an open platform live video streaming service
Infoboard showing time, weather, calendar events, photos from local folder or online sources as background and Transport for London status updates. Intended for Raspberry Pi, but should work on any machine with NodeJS available.
Dayjs Module
Official Day.js module for your Nuxt.js project.
Vue Api Query
💎 Elegant and simple way to build requests for REST API
Nuxt Validate
Simple Nuxt input validation module using vee-validate
Google Gtag Module
Enable google gtagjs for NuxtJs
Vue Svg Inline Loader
Webpack loader used for inline replacement of SVG images with actual content of SVG files in Vue projects.
Nuxt User Agent
Nuxt.js module for handling User-Agent.
Nuxtjs Multilanguage Website
Nuxtjs Multilanguage Website
✭ 100
Vue Family Bucket Ssr Koa2 Full Stack Development From Meituan
Nuxt Netlify
Dynamically generate `_headers` and `_redirects` files for Netlify in your Nuxt.js projects
Sails Nuxt
Sails + Nuxt + Vuetify Combo <3
Example Ecommerce Snipcart Vue
The Transglobal Candy Store: Sample front-end for the e-commerce schema with vue.js, nuxt.js, and snipcart
Static blogging for developers using NuxtJS + VueJS
Nuxt Graphql Request
Easy Minimal GraphQL client integration with Nuxt.js.
Nuxt Social Meta
Nuxt.js module generate meta-tags for social networks - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and the rest uses OG tags, such as Discord etc.).
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