Top 116 svg-icons open source projects

3,000+ gorgeous SVG logos, perfect for your README or credits page
Svg Credit Card Payment Icons
SVG Credit Card & Payment Icons: 6 Styles, 80 Icons
Small N Flat
svg icons on a 24px grid
Vue Eva Icons
Is a pack of more than 480 beautiful open source Eva icons as Vue components
Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Icons are miniscule SVG versions of your favourite website and app logos
Weather Underground Icons
Weather Underground Icons ( PNG & SVG )
Akar Icons
A perfectly rounded icon library made for designers, developers, and pretty much everyone.
simply generic vector icon collection - including sketch file, svg files, and font files.
File Icon Vectors
A collection of file type icons in SVG format
Materialdesign Svg
@mdi/svg Dist for Material Design Icons.
React Native Svg Icon
A simple, but flexible SVG icon component for React Native
Easily insert FontAwesome icons into R Markdown docs and Shiny apps
Angular Svg Icon
Angular component for inlining SVGs allowing them to be easily styled with CSS.
Read a set of SVG icons and ouput a TTF/EOT/WOFF/WOFF2/SVG font.
a JavaScript library which is built to easily customize and use the SVG Icons with a blaze.
Svg To Ts
Build performant SVG icon libraries by converting raw SVG files to TypeScript that is optimized for modern tree shaking mechanisms.
Three engines to render SVG (GDI+, Direct2D or Cairo) and four components to simplify use of SVG images (resize, fixedcolor, grayscale...): TSVGIconImage, TSVGIconImageCollection, TSVGIconVirtualImageList and TSVGIconImageList (for VCL and FMX).
Tabler Icons
A set of over 1400 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for you to use in your web projects.
Svg Icon
👻 A lightweight library that makes it easier to use SVG icons in your Angular Application
💅 Bundle your SVG into a fully customized React components
The premium icon font for @uiwjs Component Library.
React Cassette Player
Simple ReactJS HTML5 audio player component built with SVG icons from The Noun Project.
Svg Native Viewer
SVG Native viewer is a library that parses and renders SVG Native documents
React Flag Icon Css
Simple React SVG country flags Component, supports standard Css and Css Modules.
Svg Autocrop
🚗🌽🔳An NPM module to autocrop and slim down SVGs
Public endpoint to generate SVG Sprites
A Ruby gem for automatically generating an SVG sprite from a folder of SVG icons.
Hybrid SVG icons
Phosphor Icons
A flexible icon family for the web
High Quality web friendly icons
Vmware Stencils
Official VMware Stencils
React Icomoon
It allows you to simply view the icons in the selection.json file provided by Icomoon.
1000+ Pixel-perfect vector icons and Iconfont for your next project.
Svg Icon
An ultimate SVG icons collection DONE RIGHT, with over 10,000 SVG icons out of the box.
Vue Unicons
1000+ Pixel-perfect svg icons for your next project as Vue components
Capitaine Cursors
An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. Designed to pair well with my icon pack, La Capitaine.
Simple tutorials about how to make icons with Sketch.
All SVG icons available on
🔎 The SVG inspection tool
Svg Inject
A tiny, intuitive, robust, caching solution for injecting SVG files inline into the DOM.
Evil Icons
Simple and clean SVG icon pack with the code to support Rails, Sprockets, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt and CDN
Jam icons is a set of SVG icons designed for web projects, illustrations, print projects, etc. Licensed under MIT
Vue Sample Svg Icons
An opinionated example of how to use SVG icons in a Vue.js application
Bytesize Icons
Tiny style-controlled SVG iconset (101 icons, 12kb)
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