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React Lazy Images
🖼️ 🛋️ Components and utilities for lazy image loading in React
A command line tool for cleaning unused resources in Xcode.
Transforms PDF, Documents and Images into Enriched Structured Data
claiming to be the best image viewer / photo collection browser
3,000+ gorgeous SVG logos, perfect for your README or credits page
Svg Credit Card Payment Icons
SVG Credit Card & Payment Icons: 6 Styles, 80 Icons
React Native Swiper Flatlist
👆 Swiper component implemented with FlatList using Hooks & Typescript + strict automation tests with Detox
Awesome Deepfakes Materials
A curated list of awesome Deepfakes materials
System container image builder for LXC and LXD
Terrier is a Image and Container analysis tool that can be used to scan Images and Containers to identify and verify the presence of specific files according to their hashes.
Unsplash rb
💎 Ruby wrapper for the Unsplash API.
React Slideshow
A react component for slideshow supporting slide, fade and zoom
Convert images to colored cells in an Excel spreadsheet.
A lightbox inspired Vue.js component.
Vue Cool Lightbox
Vue.js lightbox inspired by fancybox.
React Imgpro
📷 Image Processing Component for React
Dataset loaders
A collection of dataset loaders
Uploadcare Widget
Uploadcare Widget, an ultimate tool for HTML5 file upload supporting multiple file upload, drag&drop, validation by file size/file extension/MIME file type, progress bar for file uploads, image preview.
An open source online platform for collaborative image labeling
easy to use mac osx image editing application for the rest of us
Dog Api Images
Collection of all the images served from Dog API sorted by breed category
✭ 181
Object Fit Images
🗻 Polyfill object-fit/object-position on <img>: IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge, Safari, ...
👮Sanitize your Assets.xcassets files
Vue Displacement Slideshow
A Vue.js 2.0 slideshow component working with Three.js
Node Imgur
Upload images to
Awesome Image Picker library will pick images/gifs with beautiful interface. Supports image or gif, Single and Multiple Image selection.
Paperclip Meta
Adds width, height, and size to paperclip images.
✭ 157
rust library to extract the raw data and some metadata from digital camera images
React Intense
A React component for viewing large images up close 🔍
IPyPlot is a small python package offering fast and efficient plotting of images inside Python Notebooks. It's using IPython with HTML for faster, richer and more interactive way of displaying big numbers of images.
A command line tool for converting a folder of images into an .xcasset package for Xcode
IdenProf dataset is a collection of images of identifiable professionals. It is been collected to enable the development of AI systems that can serve by identifying people and the nature of their job by simply looking at an image, just like humans can do.
Minimalist Self-hosted Image Service for user submitted images in your app
Download real-time images of Earth from the Himawari-8 satellite
Firefox and Chrome Extention which creates an download button for instagram images and videos and videos
🎁 3,000,000+ Unsplash images made available for research and machine learning
The open-source core of Pinry, a tiling image board system for people who want to save, tag, and share images, videos and webpages in an easy to skim through format.
A awesome image host service driven by github pages and github actions.
Nuxt Image Loader Module
An image loader module for nuxt.js that allows you to configure image style derivatives.
Fast Steganography bruteforce tool written in Rust useful for CTF's
An image picker library for Android
Kirby Imageset
A flexible, responsive image component for Kirby 2, featuring lazy-loading, fancy placeholders and much more.
Xamarin Forms Perf Playground
Xamarin.Forms Performance Playground (Layouts, Bindings, XAMLC, etc)
Unsplash Js
🤖 A server-side JavaScript wrapper for the Unsplash API
Browser images for Selenoid and Moon
Knowledge Management for Humans using Machine Learning & Tags
High quality tv & radio logos for your channels, also known as picons.
Kirby Imagekit
Asynchronous thumbnail creation and optimization for Kirby 2
TileView is a subclass of android.view.ViewGroup that asynchronously displays, pans and zooms tile-based images. Plugins are available for features like markers, hotspots, and path drawing.
Android library for getting photo or video from a device gallery, cloud or camera. Working with samsung devices. Made by Stfalcon
Eleventy Plugin Lazyimages
Eleventy plugin that adds blurry placeholders & lazy loading to your images
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