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Jade.go - pug template engine for Go (golang)
Gulp Front
Frontend boilerplate and framework based on gulp, pug, stylus and babel
V Bar
The virtual responsive crossbrowser scrollbar component for VueJS 2x
Pug Bootstrap
Bootstrap framework written completely using mixins in Pug
Quassel Webserver
A web server/client for Quassel
✭ 193
Hexo Theme Laughing
A lightweight hexo theme
🚄 Fastest node.js framework. Go version is actively maintained: @aerogo
simply generic vector icon collection - including sketch file, svg files, and font files. site
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Compile Hero
🔰Visual Studio Code Extension For Compiling Language
Terminal theme
A simple theme based on hexo 👻👻👻
Actions Workflow Samples
Help developers to easily get started with GitHub Action workflows to deploy to Azure
✭ 158
Resume of Kay Gosho. Built with Webpack + Pug + PostCSS
✭ 158
Create PDF documents using web technologies
Yaml Multiline
Find the right syntax for your YAML multiline strings
Cloudflare DNS resolver website.
🌈 一个类纸风的主题paper🎉(still updating...)
Webpack Pug Scss Boilerplate
📂 Webpack 4 based boilerplate for building apps
Gulp Starter Kit
A simple Gulp 4 Starter Kit for modern web development.
Laravel Pug
Pug view adapter for Laravel and Lumen
Vscode Deploy Reloaded
Recoded version of Visual Studio Code extension 'vs-deploy', which provides commands to deploy files to one or more destinations.
Phonegap Docs
PhoneGap Documentation
✭ 124
Vs Deploy
Visual Studio Code extension that provides commands to deploy files of a workspace to a destination.
Converts HTML to Pug 🐶
Movie Website
🎬基于 Node.js + Express + mongoDB + Bootstrap 搭建的电影网站。
Preview Email
Automatically opens your browser to preview Node.js email messages sent with Nodemailer. Made for Lad!
Jade Html5 Boilerplate
HTML5 Boilerplate ported to Jade. Great as a drop and go markup skeleton for Express apps.
Koa Pug
A Pug middleware for Koa
All the power of Pug, Sass, Coffeescript and WebPack in your WordPress theme. Stop writing themes like it's 1998.
Jsonresume Theme Elegant
Elegant theme for jsonresume
Css Flags
A collection of pure CSS flags, all single divs.
Simple CSS library for semantic HTML markup
Gulp Pure Start
Start your project with 'Gulp Pure Start' easily than ever!
Gulp Pug Sass Seed
🍹 A Pug and Sass starter project using gulp for task automation.
A guessing game for WikiHow illustrations.
Prism Break
Privacy/security-oriented software recommendations (mirrored from GitLab)
✭ 1,210
Pug templates for Elixir
Vue Admin Element
(Vue2 演示项目)物业后台管理系统 - ElementUI ( 基本结构已完成, 剩下的就是具体业务开发; 如有疑问请留言 )
Livro Sem Apego
📚 Um site de doação de livros, sem fins lucrativos! o/
website, meta repo for whole project
✭ 57
Jquery Scrolla
jQuery plugin for reveal animations when scrolling
✭ 50
Hexo Theme Snark
An hexo theme with lofter style
Phug - The Pug Template Engine for PHP
Gameboy Css
👾 Pure CSS GameBoy - Includes animations and the original sound 🔊
Ines Io
⚡️ Source of my website and blog (Harp, Jade, Sass, JavaScript)
Use Sass/CSS + Pug + Node.js to generate beautiful static website.
Jekyll Pug
Jekyll Plugin That Allows You To Use Pug
Typescript NodeJS Microservices Boilerplate with Generator CLI - Moleculer, GraphQL, REST, OAuth2, Jaeger, Grafana, Prometheus, Ory Hydra, Ory Keto w/ Access Control middleware, Moleculer-DB GraphQL mixin, Pug, Redis, sibling client repo (login, persistance layer, react-native-web, ios, android)
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