Top 72 ecmascript open source projects

2. Pax
The fastest JavaScript bundler in the galaxy.
3. Proposal Cancellation
Proposal for a Cancellation API for ECMAScript
4. Escaya
An blazing fast 100% spec compliant, incremental javascript parser written in Typescript
5. Regexpu
A source code transpiler that enables the use of ES2015 Unicode regular expressions in ES5.
7. Understandinges6ua
Ukrainian translation of “Understanding ES6” by @nzakas
8. Js Tokens
Tiny JavaScript tokenizer.
9. Kitsu
🦊 A simple, lightweight & framework agnostic JSON:API client
10. Es Howto
How to read the ECMAScript specification (ECMA-262)
11. Webcell
Web Components engine based on JSX & TypeScript
12. Es Search
Search ECMAScript structurally
13. Es6console
🔮 Play with ECMAScript compilers
15. Cherow
Very fast and lightweight, standards-compliant, self-hosted javascript parser with high focus on both performance and stability
16. Js Class Fields Chinese Discussion
JavaScript的『class fields』提案中文讨论
17. Proposal Regexp Unicode Property Escapes
Proposal to add Unicode property escapes `\p{…}` and `\P{…}` to regular expressions in ECMAScript.
19. Shapeshifter
🐺 Generate relational schemas, PropTypes, Flow aliases, and TypeScript interfaces from JSON or GraphQL schematic files.
20. Esutils
utility box for ECMAScript language tools
21. Regexpp
The regular expression parser for ECMAScript.
22. Proposal Array Unique
ECMAScript proposal for Deduplicating method of Array
23. Estemplate
Proper (AST-based) JavaScript code templating with source maps support.
24. Msiejavascriptengine
.NET wrapper for working with the JavaScript engines of Internet Explorer and Edge Legacy (JsRT versions of Chakra, ActiveScript version of Chakra and Classic JavaScript Engine). Project was based on the code of SassAndCoffee.JavaScript and Chakra Sample Hosts.
25. Buntis
A 100% compliant, self-hosted typescript parser that emits an ESTree-compatible AST
28. Ecmascript Sublime
ECMAScript/JavaScript syntax (ES2015-ES2018, JSX, template highlighting, etc) with absurdly specific scopes
29. Esvu
esvu is your one-stop shop for all implementations of ECMAScript.
30. Modern Javascript
🌟 모던 자바스크립트는 점차 현대적이고 실용적으로 변화하고 있는 ECMAScript 에 적응하는 방법을 알려줍니다.
31. Jetpack.js
A ECMAScript bundler and minifier implemented in C++ aimed at excellent performance.
32. Es5
ecmascript 5 中文版 + es合集
33. Extensible Custom Error
JavaScript extensible custom error that can take a message and/or an Error object
34. Proposal Well Formed Stringify
Proposal to prevent JSON.stringify from returning ill-formed strings
36. Reoscript
JavaScript-like script language engine for .NET Application. Easy to plug in .NET Application and making API extension for script. Enhanced syntax and features are also available such as lambda expression, call setTimeout with arguments, etc...
37. Proposal Number Fromstring
{BigInt,Number}.fromString(string, radix)
38. Smorebot
SmoreBot is a fun, lightweight, multipurpose bot packed with features.
39. Esdispatch
trigger events based on esquery selectors during a traversal of a SpiderMonkey format AST
40. Eslint Plugin
ESLint configurations and additional rules for me
41. Mymindmap
43. Ws Promise Client
44. Estraverse
ECMAScript JS AST traversal functions
46. Meriyah
A 100% compliant, self-hosted javascript parser -
47. Es4x
🚀 fast JavaScript 4 Eclipse Vert.x
48. Jsesc
Given some data, jsesc returns the shortest possible stringified & ASCII-safe representation of that data.
49. Esquery
ECMAScript AST query library.
50. Escope
Escope: ECMAScript scope analyzer
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