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Design Patterns
💼 Design patterns written in different programming languages 📐
The best way to implement singleton pattern in Unity.
Design Pattern that described by Python, This is the source code for the book of Everybody Know Design Patterns.
Angularjs In Patterns
AngularJS in patterns - this repository provides different look into AngularJS. It contains information where different design patterns are used inside the framework or any Angular application.
Php Patterns
A minimal and conceptual PHP 5.4+ pattern collection that *will* cover design patterns (not only GoF's), anti-patterns, closure patterns, refactoring patterns
Core Spring Patterns
设计模式 by 波波微课
A library that manages state using RxJava 2.
🔑Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software🔓is a software engineering book describing software design patterns. The book's authors are Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides with a foreword by Grady Booch.
Aws Serverless Event Fork Pipelines
AWS Event Fork Pipelines helps you build event-driven serverless applications by providing pipelines for common event-handling requirements, such as event backup, analytics, and replay. The pipelines are based on AWS SAM, and can be deployed directly from AWS SAR into your AWS account.
When Ts
When: recombinant design pattern for state machines based on gene expression with a temporal model
Introduction to Software Design with Java
Project : Design Patterns Examples in C#
The 23 Gang of Four Design Patterns.
Patterns Cheatsheet
Software design patterns cheatsheet.
Design Patterns Cpp
All Design Patterns Samples in C++
Remove inconsistency of your view. Go Fluent
Minesweeper Desktop Game
💣 An object-oriented clone of the famous Windows game Minesweeper made in Java-Swing Framework following the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture. Its a stand-alone desktop game which also provides save and load game functionalities.
Laravel Widgetize
A minimal package to help you make your laravel application cleaner and faster.
Tech Refrigerator
🍰 기술 냉장고입니다. 🛒 기술 면접 , 전공 시험 , 지식 함양 등 분명 도움될 거예요! 🤟
Design Patterns By Php
Clean React
Sistema em ReactJs usando Hooks, Typescript, TDD, Clean Architecture, Design Patterns e SOLID principles
Design Patterns
Contains examples of design patterns that implemented in php
Flutter clean architecture
Clean architecture flutter: A Flutter package that makes it easy and intuitive to implement Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture in Flutter. This package provides basic classes that are tuned to work with Flutter and are designed according to the Clean Architecture.
Object Oriented Design
Storybook Design Token
The Storybook Design Token Addon allows you to generate design token documentation from your stylesheets.
The Plan.framework helps to keep your iOS application design clean.
🚀 Create a service layer for Laravel 5+ (Supported: Laravel 9)
Design patterns for humans 中文版 - 对设计模式超简单的解释
Open repository of programming topic for reverse engineering purpose.
the design pattern of OverDom, semi-auto AI in the Screeps
An example for booking movie seat, combined of Android Data Binding, State Design Pattern and Multibinding + Autofactory. iOS version is:
A compact library for tracking and committing changes to your entities.
A mostly reasonable although opinionated approach to building responsive Digital Interfaces sharing the same anatomy.
An entity-component framework for Unity with code generation and visual debugging
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