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Next Seo
Next SEO is a plug in that makes managing your SEO easier in Next.js projects.
Rdflib Jsonld
JSON-LD parser and serializer plugins for RDFLib (Python 2.6+)
Php Json Ld
PHP implementation of a JSON-LD Processor and API
Minimal metadata schemas for science software and code, in JSON-LD
A JSON-LD processor for .NET.
Structured Data Json Ld
Collection of structured data snippets in Google preferred JSON-LD format.
Craft Seomatic
SEOmatic facilitates modern SEO best practices & implementation for Craft CMS 3. It is a turnkey SEO system that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible.
Json Ld
Extremely simple JSON-LD generator.
Json Gold
A JSON-LD processor for Go
React Structured Data
React Structured Data provides an easy way to add structured data to your React apps
GraphQL interface for querying and serving linked data on the Web.
Web Annotation
Web Annotation Working Group repository, see README for links to specs
GraphQL interface for querying and serving linked data on the Web.
RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.
Cook rmarkdown codebooks from metadata on R data frames
Graph-Based Data Science: an abstraction layer in Python for building knowledge graphs, integrated with popular graph libraries – atop Pandas, RDFlib, pySHACL, RAPIDS, NetworkX, iGraph, PyVis, pslpython, pyarrow, etc.
Rdf Ext
RDF library for NodeJS and the Browsers
Open source graph database and document store. Designed for collaboratively building data-intensive applications and knowledge graphs.
A JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript
Jekyll Seo Tag
A Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags for search engines and social networks to better index and display your site's content.
Decentralized trust ratings using signed claims
A sentiment and emotion analysis server in Python
Poet Js JS is an small library that provides methods to easily create and sign Claims.
Micro Api
A concise hypermedia API format for the web, using JSON-LD.
✭ 55
Webpub Manifest
📜 A JSON based Web Publication Manifest format used at the core of the Readium project
Structured Data Testing Tool
A library and command line tool to help inspect and test for Structured Data.
Json Silo
Contextual data silo for the IoT and Smart Spaces. We believe in an open Internet of Things.
Wp Structuring Markup
🔌 WordPress: Plug-in Markup (JSON-LD) structured in
jq as a service
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JSON for Linked Data
Extract embedded metadata from HTML markup
Web Karma
Information Integration Tool
Hugo Theme Meme
You can’t spell aWEsoME without MEME! 😝
Schemaorg - schemas and supporting software
JSON-LD processor written in Python
Schema Generator
PHP Model Scaffolding from and other RDF vocabularies
ActivityStreams & ActivityPub in golang, oh my!
DEPRECATED A turnkey SEO implementation for Craft CMS 2.x that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible
Schema Dts
JSON-LD TypeScript types for vocabulary
Jsonld Java
JSON-LD implementation for Java objects turned into strongly typed C# POCO classes for use in .NET. All classes can be serialized into JSON/JSON-LD and XML, typically used to represent structured data in the head section of html page.
A beautiful and fully-featured administration interface builder for hypermedia APIs
React Schemaorg
Type-checked JSON-LD for React
A set of documents addressing the structure of and supporting services for xAPI Profiles.
JSON Schema validation for JSON-LD files using vocabulary.
A `htmlparser2` handler for parsing rich metadata from HTML. Includes HTML metadata, JSON-LD, RDFa, microdata, OEmbed, Twitter cards and AppLinks.
🛠️ SEO-friendly website starter backed by Netlify lambda functions in a simple, friendly repo
A fluent interface to create mappings using for Microdata and JSON-LD.
An implementation of the RDF Dataset Normalization Algorithm in JavaScript.
♿ Suite of open and standards-based tools for performing reliable accessibility conformance testing at scale
A fast and lightweight streaming JSON-LD serializer for JavaScript
Share data beyond the browser boundaries. Enable users to transfer data to external apps, and open your webapp to receive external data.
TYPO3 extension t3api. REST API for your TYPO3 project. Config with annotations, built in filtering, pagination, typolinks, image processing, uploads (FAL), serialization contexts, responses in Hydra/JSON-LD format.
🕸 YALC: Yet Another LOD Cloud (registry of Linked Open Datasets).
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