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12 factor configuration as a typesafe struct in as little as two function calls
Namespace & Virtual Cluster Manager for Kubernetes - Lightweight Virtual Clusters, Self-Service Provisioning for Engineers and 70% Cost Savings with Sleep Mode
Ma Gym
A collection of multi agent environments based on OpenAI gym.
Setup Miniconda
Set up your GitHub Actions workflow with conda via miniconda
Rails Env Favicon
Gem to display the rails environment on the favicon
Environ Config
Python Application Configuration With Environment Variables
Terraform Aws Elastic Beanstalk Environment
Terraform module to provision an AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment
Env Var
Verification, sanitization, and type coercion for environment variables in Node.js
Emacs Direnv
direnv integration for emacs
Temperature Monitor
Raspberry Pi-based home temperature monitoring network.
Gym Sokoban
Sokoban environment for OpenAI Gym
Datasets For Good
List of datasets to apply stats/machine learning/technology to the world of social good.
Ian's Collected code examples from the O'Reilly Java Cookbook & elsewhere
Sustainable Earth
A curated list of all things sustainable
Envy automatically exposes environment variables for all of your Go flags
Next Runtime Dotenv
Expose environment variables to the runtime config of Next.js
A pre-build (Swift) script to alter your Xcode project at pre-build-time per environment, build configuration and target.
Envy makes working with ENV variables in Go trivial.
Slate Language
The Slate programming language
Tensorflow Implement of GeoMAN, IJCAI-18
Python API to execute shell functions as they would be Python functions
Go helpers to manage environment variables
Desktop environment in the browser.
Front-End Development Environment
linux package management
Explore and find reinforcement learning environments in a list of 150+ open source environments.
Envinject Plugin
This plugin makes it possible to setup a custom environment for your jobs
Env Providers
👷 Load Laravel service providers based on your application's environment.
Go package for loading program configuration from multiple sources.
Official repository for Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET) Ontologies
Common Env
🔑 The only configuration library you will ever need
Wp Skateboard
My local WordPress development built with Docker and Docker Compose.
Erl Env
Make retrieving configuration parameters super fast(7x faster than application:get_env)and stable.
Stand Bye
tool to put your pc to sleep when it's REALLY idle
Jale is a blazing fast local development environment for MacOS written in Typescript.
Anura Server
the Anura configuration manger
Small utility to transfer fields of a key in Vault into the environment
Environment variable validation for Node.js
🔥 ( 持续更新,目前含 160+ 工具类 ) DevUtils 是一个 Android 工具库,主要根据不同功能模块,封装快捷使用的工具类及 API 方法调用。该项目尽可能的便于开发人员,快捷、高效开发安全可靠的项目。
a collaborative knowledge-exchange platform in Rails; we welcome first-time contributors! 🎈
Cross Env
🔀 Cross platform setting of environment scripts
Openfoodfacts Androidapp
Native version of Open Food Facts on Android - Coders & Decoders welcome 🤳🥫
Python virtual environment, but backed by Docker!
Spot mini mini
Dynamics and Domain Randomized Gait Modulation with Bezier Curves for Sim-to-Real Legged Locomotion.
🔥No repackage, switch environment with one click.(无需重新打包,一键切换环境 )
Macaca Datahub
Continuous data provider for development, testing, staging and production. Just enjoy the data out-of-the-box.📦
Environment Modules: provides dynamic modification of a user's environment
Spriteworld: a flexible, configurable python-based reinforcement learning environment
Openfoodfacts Server
Open Food Facts database and web interface - 🐪🦋 Perl, CSS and JS coders welcome 😊 For helping in Python, see Robotoff
My OS X environment
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