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📖 Huge curated collection (archive) of links of Tech, Science, Economics, Politics, Life, Philosophy, Conferences, Videos and much more resources from everyday surfing. ⭐️ Since October 21, 2017.
Threat Hunting
Personal compilation of APT malware from whitepaper releases, documents and own research
Collection Data for Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Aws Recon
Multi-threaded AWS inventory collection tool with a focus on security-relevant resources and metadata.
Awesome Deep Learning And Machine Learning Questions
【不定期更新】收集整理的一些网站中(如知乎、Quora、Reddit、Stack Exchange等)与深度学习、机器学习、强化学习、数据科学相关的有价值的问题
Dfir Orc
Forensics artefact collection tool for systems running Microsoft Windows
User Profile Interface Animation
Arbitrary Text To Image Papers
A collection of arbitrary text to image papers with code (constantly updating)
Awesome Iconjar
44 Collect free icon sets for iconjar. 收集免费的图标包,iconjar 格式(44套)。
A collection of eclectic react hooks
Asciidoctor Skins
Control how your asciidoctor powered documentation looks
Repository for Shoko Server.
Awesome Virtual Try On
A curated list of awesome research papers, projects, code, dataset, workshops etc. related to virtual try-on.
Xresources Themes
A big (huge) collection of rxvt / xterm terminal themes
Polybar Collection
Beautiful collection of Polybar themes
Prototype Lua object-oriented program system, with many modern features like attribute, overload, etc. For Lua 5.1 or above, include luajit
🦀Amazingly incredible extraordinary lightning fast diffing in Swift
An array that keeps its elements sorted according to a given sort predicate.
EasySequence is a powerful fundamental library to process sequcence type, such as array, set, dictionary. All type object which conforms to NSFastEnumeration protocol can be initialzed to an EZSequence instance, then you can operation with them. Finally, you can transfer them back to the original type.
Awesome Cae
A curated list of awesome CAE frameworks, libraries and software.
Awesome Doctrine
A collection of useful Doctrine snippets.
Best Of
🏆 Discover best-of lists with awesome open-source projects on all kinds of topics.
Awesome Ruby
💎 A collection of awesome Ruby libraries, tools, frameworks and software
Infos and build tips for open source games.
Awesome Bioinformatics Benchmarks
A curated list of bioinformatics bench-marking papers and resources.
Awesome Testflight Link
Collection of Testflight public app link
A collection set of technical groups' information (meetup).
Search Engine Optimization
🔍 A helpful checklist/collection of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and techniques.
Awesome Vim Colorschemes
Collection of awesome color schemes for Neo/vim, merged for quick use.
Redmond Themes
Home of the B00merang Redmond Collection themes for Linux
Pytorch Model Zoo
A collection of deep learning models implemented in PyTorch
This library provides various containers. Each container has utility functions to manipulate the data it holds. This is an abstraction as to not have to manually manage and reallocate memory.
Mwdb Core
Malware repository component for samples & static configuration with REST API interface.
Awesome Maps
There is more than google: A collection of great online maps 🌍🗺🌎
DatX is an opinionated JS/TS data store. It features support for simple property definition, references to other models and first-class TypeScript support.
Every Programmer Should Know
A collection of (mostly) technical things every software developer should know about
Ahk Rare
My collection of rare and maybe very useful functions
A collection of CMSs and Static Site Generators.
Latest Development Of Isr Vsr
Latest development of ISR/VSR. Papers and related resources, mainly state-of-the-art and novel works in ICCV, ECCV and CVPR about image super-resolution and video super-resolution.
Slack Emoji
My slack emoji collection and download script
Php Ext Collection
PHP collection extensions - PHP Version 7.x
Personal Inventory
A personal inventory management web app
Photogrammetry datasets
Collection of 250+ datasets for photogrammetry
Fast sorted collections for Swift using in-memory B-trees
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Movies For Hackers
🎬 A curated list of movies every hacker & cyberpunk must watch.
PHP Map package for easy and elegant handling of PHP arrays as array-like map objects
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