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Flask Boilerplate
Simple flask boilerplate with Postgres, Docker, and Heroku/Zeit now
Multi-purpose static web site generator aimed at developers.
Python For Entrepreneurs Course Demos
Contains all the "handout" materials for Talk Python's Python for Entrepreneurs course. This includes notes and the final version of the website code.
Tornado project generator. Start a project with tornado, mako/jinjia2 and sqlalchemy/peewee in a minute.
Flask Base
A simple Flask boilerplate app with SQLAlchemy, Redis, User Authentication, and more.
The Flask Mega Tutorial
📖《The Flask Mega-Tutorial》中文2018最新版📗
Factory boy
A test fixtures replacement for Python
Db To Sqlite
CLI tool for exporting tables or queries from any SQL database to a SQLite file
Eve Sqlalchemy
SQLAlchemy data layer for Eve-powered RESTful APIs
Awesome Sqlalchemy
A curated list of awesome tools for SQLAlchemy
Async database support for Python. 🗄
GINO Is Not ORM - a Python asyncio ORM on SQLAlchemy core.
Pytest Flask Sqlalchemy
A pytest plugin for preserving test isolation in Flask-SQLAlchemy using database transactions.
Clickhouse Sqlalchemy
ClickHouse dialect for SQLAlchemy
Sqlalchemy mptt
SQLAlchemy nested sets mixin (MPTT)
Boilerplate API on how to structure big Flask applications (includes SQLAlchemy, Docker, nginx)
Flask Msearch
Full text search for flask.
python async mini orm with fastapi in mind and pydantic validation
Flask Restless Security
Concise skeleton for development of Flask, Flask-Restless, SQLAlchemy, JWT based REST APIs.
The missing SQLAlchemy ORM interface.
Tedivms Flask
Flask starter app with celery, bootstrap, and docker environment
Sqlalchemy Datatables
SQLAlchemy integration of jQuery DataTables >= 1.10.x (Pyramid and Flask examples)
Automatically generate a RESTful API service for your legacy database. No code required!
Open Source Analytics & Visualisation Software for Inertial Measurement Units
Приложение для практического руководства по разработке бекенд-сервисов на Python (на основе вступительного испытания в Школу бэкенд‑разработки Яндекса)
Bottle Sqlalchemy
Bottle SQLAlchemy plugin
Flask Graphene Sqlalchemy
A demo project for Flask + GraphQL (With Graphene & SQLAlchemy)
Sqla Wrapper
A friendly wrapper for SQLAlchemy
Python client for OmniSci GPU-accelerated SQL engine and analytics platform
Flask Graphene Sqlalchemy
⚗️Project template to build a GraphQL API in Python
Sqlalchemy Imageattach
SQLAlchemy extension for attaching images to entities.
Python interface to Hive and Presto. 🐝
📚Simple Book library application written on flask with SQLite database.
Oreilly reactive python for data
Resources for the O'Reilly online video "Reactive Python for Data"
Flask movie site
Flask Tutorial
这个项目已经很久很久了, 不推荐看, 不过倒是可以进群叨逼叨一下. 🚗 交流群:630398887
PyAthenaJDBC is a Python DB API 2.0 (PEP 249) compliant wrapper for Amazon Athena JDBC driver.
aiomysql is a library for accessing a MySQL database from the asyncio
Data Driven Web Apps With Pyramid And Sqlalchemy
Demos and handouts for Talk Python's Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy course
Sqlalchemy Hana
SQLAlchemy Dialect for SAP HANA
Sql to sqlalchemy
本教程是为了展现 sql 原始语句转换为 sqlalchemy 语句的各个实例。
Sqlalchemy Media
Another attachment extension for SqlAlchemy to manage assets which are associated with database models but you don't want to store them into the database
Indico - A feature-rich event management system, made @ CERN, the place where the Web was born.
Wtforms Sqlalchemy
WTForms integration for SQLAlchemy
Ziggurat foundations
Framework agnostic set of sqlalchemy classes that make building applications that require permissions an easy task.
Flask Whooshee
Customizable Flask - SQLAlchemy - Whoosh integration
Cookiecutter Pyramid Talk Python Starter
An opinionated Cookiecutter template for creating Pyramid web applications starting way further down the development chain. This cookiecutter template will create a new Pyramid web application with email, sqlalchemy, rollbar, and way more integrated.
aiopg is a library for accessing a PostgreSQL database from the asyncio
Web Applications With Fastapi Course
Demo code and other handouts for students of our FastAPI Web Apps course.
Python crawler
It's designed to be a simple, tiny, pratical python crawler using json and sqlite instead of mysql or mongdb. The destination website is
Sales Cashregister
Cash Register Version 2.0 with barcode logon and to 8 buttongroups with each 23 programmable product buttons and equipped with inventory management system
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