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( CVPR2019 Oral ) Taking A Closer Look at Domain Shift: Category-level Adversaries for Semantics Consistent Domain Adaptation
The official homepage of the (outdated) COCO-Stuff 10K dataset.
TensorFlow implementation of ENet, trained on the Cityscapes dataset.
Adaptive affinity fields
Adaptive Affinity Fields for Semantic Segmentation
Fast Scnn Pytorch
A PyTorch Implementation of Fast-SCNN: Fast Semantic Segmentation Network
Implementation of Our ECCV2020-work: Improving Semantic Segmentation via Decoupled Body and Edge Supervision
Unet Pytorch
U-Net implementation for PyTorch based on
Associatively Segmenting Instances and Semantics in Point Clouds, CVPR 2019
Rank 1st in the leaderboard of SemanticKITTI semantic segmentation (both single-scan and multi-scan) (Nov. 2020) (CVPR2021 Oral)
PyTorch*-based Neural Network Compression Framework for enhanced OpenVINO™ inference
Smoothly Blend Image Patches
Using a U-Net for image segmentation, blending predicted patches smoothly is a must to please the human eye.
Tensorflow Deeplab Lfov
DeepLab-LargeFOV implemented in tensorflow
LightNet++: Boosted Light-weighted Networks for Real-time Semantic Segmentation
PyTorch implementation of DeepLabv3
Chainer Implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks. (Training code to reproduce the original result is available.)
Unsupervised Intra-domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation through Self-Supervision (CVPR 2020 Oral)
Cagnet Zero Shot Semantic Segmentation
Code for our ACMMM2020 paper "Context-aware Feature Generation for Zero-shot Semantic Segmentation".
Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Network with Deep Seeded Region Growing (CVPR 2018).
Fast Semantic Segmentation
ICNet and PSPNet-50 in Tensorflow for real-time semantic segmentation
Seg Uncertainty
IJCAI2020 & IJCV 2020 🌇 Unsupervised Scene Adaptation with Memory Regularization in vivo
📸 PyTorch implementation of MobileNetV3 for real-time semantic segmentation, with pretrained weights & state-of-the-art performance
Keras Unet
Helper package with multiple U-Net implementations in Keras as well as useful utility tools helpful when working with image semantic segmentation tasks. This library and underlying tools come from multiple projects I performed working on semantic segmentation tasks
The repository contains source code and models to use PixelNet architecture used for various pixel-level tasks. More details can be accessed at <>.
ROS package for the Perception (Sensor Processing, Detection, Tracking and Evaluation) of the KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite
CGNet: A Light-weight Context Guided Network for Semantic Segmentation [IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2020]
Fcn Semantic Segmentation
Fully convolutional networks for semantic segmentation
PyTorch-based modular, configuration-driven framework for knowledge distillation. 🏆18 methods including SOTA are implemented so far. 🎁 Trained models, training logs and configurations are available for ensuring the reproducibiliy.
Deeplab V2 Resnet 101 Tensorflow
An (re-)implementation of DeepLab v2 (ResNet-101) in TensorFlow for semantic image segmentation on the PASCAL VOC 2012 dataset.
[CVPR 2020] Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Cross-Consistency Training.
Kili Playground
Simplest and fastest image and text annotation tool.
Mseg Api
An Official Repo of CVPR '20 "MSeg: A Composite Dataset for Multi-Domain Segmentation"
Hrnet Semantic Segmentation
The OCR approach is rephrased as Segmentation Transformer: This is an official implementation of semantic segmentation for HRNet.
Direct Graphical Models (DGM) C++ library, a cross-platform Conditional Random Fields library, which is optimized for parallel computing and includes modules for feature extraction, classification and visualization.
Instance Segmentation With Discriminative Loss Tensorflow
Tensorflow implementation of "Semantic Instance Segmentation with a Discriminative Loss Function"
Keras Segmentation Deeplab V3.1
An awesome semantic segmentation model that runs in real time
Fcn For Semantic Segmentation
Implemention of FCN-8 and FCN-16 with Keras and uses CRF as post processing
Uncertainty-aware Semantic Segmentation of LiDAR Point Clouds for Autonomous Driving
Fully Convolutional HarDNet for Segmentation in Pytorch
Lapa Dataset
A large-scale dataset for face parsing (AAAI2020)
Adversarial Semisupervised Semantic Segmentation
Pytorch Implementation of "Adversarial Learning For Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation" for ICLR 2018 Reproducibility Challenge
Code for <Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation via Class-Balanced Self-Training> in ECCV18
SegAN: Semantic Segmentation with Adversarial Learning
Yolo segmentation
image (semantic segmentation) instance segmentation by darknet or yolo
Recurrent Pixel Embedding For Instance Grouping
embedding and grouping pixels into boundary, proposal, segment and object instance.
Fcn Pytorch
Another pytorch implementation of FCN (Fully Convolutional Networks)
4D Spatio-Temporal Semantic Segmentation on a 3D video (a sequence of 3D scans)
Bisenetv2 Tensorflow
Unofficial tensorflow implementation of real-time scene image segmentation model "BiSeNet V2: Bilateral Network with Guided Aggregation for Real-time Semantic Segmentation"
Pytorch Fcn Easiest Demo
PyTorch Implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks (a very simple and easy demo).
Multi Task Refinenet
Multi-Task (Joint Segmentation / Depth / Surface Normas) Real-Time Light-Weight RefineNet
Pytorch semantic segmentation
Implement some models of RGB/RGBD semantic segmentation in PyTorch, easy to run. Such as FCN, RefineNet, PSPNet, RDFNet, 3DGNN, PointNet, DeepLab V3, DeepLab V3 plus, DenseASPP, FastFCN
C++ based toolbox for the SUNCG dataset
Kiu Net Pytorch
Official Pytorch Code of KiU-Net for Image Segmentation - MICCAI 2020 (Oral)
Exploring Cross-Image Pixel Contrast for Semantic Segmentation
Dilation Tensorflow
A native Tensorflow implementation of semantic segmentation according to Multi-Scale Context Aggregation by Dilated Convolutions (2016). Optionally uses the pretrained weights by the authors.
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