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Preguntas Y Respuestas Entrevistas Frontend
Un listado de preguntas y respuestas que hemos y nos han preguntado en entrevistas para Ingenieros y Desarrolladores de Front End (Para facilitar las entrevistas y el estudio)
Here you will find Guides mainly for Sonarr/Radarr/Bazarr and everything related to it.
React patterns & techniques to use in development for React Developer ⚛ .
Pharo Wiki
Wiki related to the Pharo programming language and environment.
Tips for interview
Pine Utils
Code Snippets + Tricks & Tips to help Pine Script developers
Python tips
Some Python tips for beginner to intermediate users. Also used as a personal cheat sheet. Featured here
Cheatsheet and bash scripts sripts for Synology Nas Stations cheet cheat sheet nas networkdisk
Swift Daily Tips
Daily Tips from Swift World
Awesome Offer
✭ 1,296
Html File Upload
Useful HTML file upload tips for web developers
This is a demo project showing how to use Face API in Cognitive Services with OpenCV
Swift tips and tricks
Android Studio Tips By Philippe Breault
Every Android Studio Tip posted by Phillipe Breault
Gradle Tips
Gradle tips for all of us
Android Daily Tips
Daily tips from Android World
This project is developed by Nguyen Huu Phuoc. I love building products and sharing knowledge.
Free r tips
Free R-Tips is a FREE Newsletter provided by Business Science. It comes with bite-sized code tutorials every Tuesday.
A collection of Swift tips & tricks that I've shared on Twitter
✭ 3,793
Most commonly used git tips and tricks.
Css Protips
A collection of tips to help take your CSS skills pro
Paper Tips And Tricks
Best practice and tips & tricks to write scientific papers in LaTeX, with figures generated in Python or Matlab.
Data Science Hacks
Data Science Hacks consists of tips, tricks to help you become a better data scientist. Data science hacks are for all - beginner to advanced. Data science hacks consist of python, jupyter notebook, pandas hacks and so on.
Android Daily Tips
Daily tips from Android World
High-level concept explanations, detailed tutorials, performance considerations, shortcuts and other useful content that aims to improve your Unreal Engine 4 development journey.
📋 Various cheatsheets made while working as a developer
33 条常用 git 命令详解
Dica Python Linkedin
⚡ Este repositório é direcionado para dicas com a linguagem python, que estão sendo postadas em meu linkedin.
A collection of 50 tips for Unity (focusing on Mobile) ranging from editor tools to serialization to UI shortcuts.
Flutter Roadmap
This is a flutter roadmap and documentation repository. If anyone is interested you can join the party to help the community and make flutter great again.
Community-run website for documenting Xcode Tips
Modern CPP Tricks often useful in Coding Interviews and Competitive Programming
Here is what you need to setup your progressive web app dev environment
With best practices under your fingertips, you will not lose precious time on reinventing the wheel. Instead, you can focus on writing quality code and getting the job done.
Hugo content for the blog
Tips and tricks for the first year college students to help them start off with their college life. GLUG Team
A bunch of Delphi language tips migrated from the website, plus others.
Tips and resources for GeoGuessr
Swift tips and tricks
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