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Ecommerce website development
Full Stack Fastapi Couchbase
Full stack, modern web application generator. Using FastAPI, Couchbase as database, Docker, automatic HTTPS and more.
Rusty Celery
🦀 Rust implementation of Celery for producing and consuming background tasks
自动化运维平台: 代码及应用部署CI/CD、资产管理CMDB、计划任务管理平台、SQL审核|回滚、任务调度、站内WIKI
链喵 CMDB 本项目已停止开发!因长时间未对代码进行维护,可能会造成项目在不同环境上无法部署、运行BUG等问题,请知晓!项目仅供参考!
An advanced distributed task flow management on top of Celery
Celery Progress
Drop in, configurable, dependency-free progress bars for your Django/Celery applications.
A web frontend for scheduling Jupyter notebook reports
django 开发的BBS博客项目, 此项目包含多用户注册,话题模块,发布文章,文章评论,课程、社区BBS以及消息提示,关注,采用邮箱注册,激活验证登录,以及QQ注册登录,招募作者发布教程在后台管理系统发布, pc采用模板渲染,cms采用vue drf前后分离,登录采用JWT认证登录、移动端采用react开发,
Django2 dailyfresh
dailyfresh电商项目,替换django框架为2.X并重构,美化了下后台管理页面,提供docker版本,该项目包含了实际开发中的电商项目中大部分的功能开发和知识点实践, 是一个非常不错的django学习项目,同时也记录在替换框架中遇到的坑,希望对各位的学习有所帮助。
基于 python 3.7.9 + django 2.2.16 + channels 2.4.0 + celery 4.4.7 + ansible 2.9.14 + paramiko 2.6.0 + AdminLTE-3.0.0 实现的运维 devops 管理系统。
Kombu is a messaging library for Python.
Dailyfresh B2c
dailyfresh mall based on B2C model
Celery Cn
Django Pushy
Your push notifications handled at scale.
Docker Flask Celery Redis
Docker-Compose template for orchestrating a Flask app with a Celery queue using Redis
Django Guid
Inject an ID into every log message from a Django request. ASGI compatible, integrates with Sentry, and works with Celery
Fastapi Celery
Minimal example utilizing fastapi and celery with RabbitMQ for task queue, Redis for celery backend and flower for monitoring the celery tasks.
Django School Management
Deployment Ready Developer to Developer Full-stack School Management System with payments, e-admission, result management, academic functionalities, and much more implemented in a simple way.
Django Celery Docker Example
Example Docker setup for a Django app behind an Nginx proxy with Celery workers
Tedivms Flask
Flask starter app with celery, bootstrap, and docker environment
YTask is an asynchronous task queue for handling distributed jobs in golang(go异步任务框架)
Flask Full
starter/boilerplate flask application with celery, mongoengine, signals, shell commands, swagger api docs and sphinx docs integration
Django Celery
Old Celery integration project for Django
pdb + Rich library
Scaleable Crawler With Docker Cluster
a scaleable and efficient crawelr with docker cluster , crawl million pages in 2 hours with a single machine
🎶Apple Music ↔️ Spotify playlist convertor.
Incepiton Mysql
🍭A web platform designed for mysql inception
Docker Django Example
A production ready example Django app that's using Docker and Docker Compose.
Docker Superset
Repository for Docker Image of Apache-Superset. [Docker Image:]
CATEd - Cryptocurrency Analytics and Trading Engine for Django
Flask Log Request Id
Flask extension to track and log Request-ID headers produced by PaaS like Heroku and load balancers like Amazon ELB
Real time celery monitoring using websockets
Docker Cluster With Celery And Rabbitmq
Build Docker clusters with Celery and RabbitMQ in 10 minutes
Bugsnag Python
Official bugsnag error monitoring and error reporting for django, flask, tornado and other python apps.
Terraform Aws Airflow
Terraform module to deploy an Apache Airflow cluster on AWS, backed by RDS PostgreSQL for metadata, S3 for logs and SQS as message broker with CeleryExecutor
Microsoft Bot Framework is a wrapper for the Microsoft Bot API by Microsoft
Train Ai With Django Swagger Jwt
Train AI (Keras + Tensorflow) to defend apps with Django REST Framework + Celery + Swagger + JWT - deploys to Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform
Python Devops
gathers Python stack for DevOps, these are usually my basic templates use for my implementations, so, feel free to use it and evolve it! Everything is Docker!
Celery Dashboard
A dashboard to monitor your celery app
Immuni Backend App Configuration
Repository for the backend app configuration
Lutece judge core based on Celery and Docker.
Falcon Celery
Example of how to handle background processes with Falcon, Celery, and Docker
Docker Airflow
Repo for building docker based airflow image. Containers support multiple features like writing logs to local or S3 folder and Initializing GCP while container booting.
The Framework is a set of components and tools which brings the user an interface (GUI / API) to setup, extend and manage an Open vStorage platform.
An e-commerce fullstack solution for Flask 出口电商全栈解决方案
Django Celery Beat
Celery Periodic Tasks backed by the Django ORM
An information security preparedness tool to do adversarial simulation.
RedBeat is a Celery Beat Scheduler that stores the scheduled tasks and runtime metadata in Redis.
Jasmin - Open source SMS gateway
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