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Top 50 dependency-graph open source projects

[LLVM Static Slicer] Various program analyses, construction of dependence graphs and program slicing of LLVM bitcode.
Git Deps
git commit dependency analysis tool
Module Linker
browse modules by clicking directly on "import" statements on GitHub ⛺
Dependency Graph
A simple dependency graph for Node.js
Cmake Scripts
A selection of useful scripts for use in CMake projects, include code coverage, sanitizers, and dependency graph generation.
Roughly extract dependency relation from source code
A command line utility to display dependency tree of the installed Python packages
📦 🔥 Python project management. Manage packages: convert between formats, lock, install, resolve, isolate, test, build graph, show outdated, audit. Manage venvs, build package, bump version.
Objc Dependency Visualizer
Objective-C and Swift dependency visualizer. It's tool that helps to visualize current state of your project. It's really easy to see how tight your classes are coupled.
Kotlin Mvvm Architecture
Android Architecture Design Patterns using Kotlin, MVVM, Dagger2, LiveData, Room, MediatorLiveData, NetworkBoundResources, Retrofit, AndroidX, ViewModels, Dependency Injection using Dagger2, Repository pattern.
Node Dependencies View
node dependency trees as a service.
A reproducible Docker image build system for complex software stacks
R package for analyzing other R packages via graph representations of their dependencies
transforming your .proto files into .dot files (and .svg, .png if you happen to have graphviz installed)
Nix Tree
Interactively browse the dependency graph of your Nix derivations.
QoS Measurement & Dependency Graph Platform
Spring Depend
Tool for getting a spring bean dependency graph
Dotnet Assembly Grapher
Reverse engineering and software quality assurance tool for .NET assemblies
Npm Consult
NPM Project Consultant CLI
View the dependencies tree of you Angular application
Static code analysis to find violations in a dependency graph
A suite of tools to assist with reviewing Open Source Software dependencies.
Sidekiq Superworker
Directed acyclic graphs of Sidekiq jobs
Analyzes webpack stats and shows detailed info about it on the screen.
emerge is a source code analysis tool and dependency visualizer that can be used to gather insights about source code structure, metrics, dependencies and complexity of software projects. After scanning the source code of a project it provides you an interactive web interface to explore and analyze your project by using graph structures.
Record process launches and files read and written by each process
Gotopus is a minimalistic tool that runs arbitrary commands concurrently.
Visualize the dependencies between the NgModules in your Angular 2+ application
Webpack plugin to easily get assets dependency graph based on entry point
A static code analysis tool that creates a dependency graph for express routing.
Graph relationships between Ansible playbooks / roles / tasks / vars etc. via static analysis
Basic Primitives Diagrams for React. Data visualization components library that implements organizational chart and multi-parent dependency diagrams.
No description or website provided.
Draw a visual graph of Sass dependencies
python dep generator
Genrates python dependency graph
Basic Primitives Diagrams for JavaScript - data visualization components library that implements organizational chart and multi-parent dependency diagrams, contains implementations of JavaScript Controls and PDF rendering plugins.
A python script to generate dependencies for Fortran projects
Install dependency graphs of Kubernetes Helm Charts
Generate statistics from Taiga and produce burnup diagrams, CFDs, dependency graphs and more.
Gather author, contributor and publisher data on crates in your dependency graph.
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