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Single Shot Text Detector with Regional Attention
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My bibliography for research on autonomous driving
Personal notes about scientific and research works on "Decision-Making for Autonomous Driving"
Open-Source Toolkit for End-to-End Korean Automatic Speech Recognition.
End2end Asr Pytorch
End-to-End Automatic Speech Recognition on PyTorch
Listen Attend Spell
A PyTorch implementation of Listen, Attend and Spell (LAS), an End-to-End ASR framework.
Deepvoice3 pytorch
PyTorch implementation of convolutional neural networks-based text-to-speech synthesis models
Rnn Transducer
MXNet implementation of RNN Transducer (Graves 2012): Sequence Transduction with Recurrent Neural Networks
E2e Asr
PyTorch Implementations for End-to-End Automatic Speech Recognition
Tacotron Pytorch
A Pytorch Implementation of Tacotron: End-to-end Text-to-speech Deep-Learning Model
Speech Transformer Tf2.0
transformer for ASR-systerm (via tensorflow2.0)
Postchildren Web
👨‍👦‍👦 A E2E test visualization tool (get along with postman and postwoman)
Espresso: A Fast End-to-End Neural Speech Recognition Toolkit
Sdk Js
Tanker client-side encryption SDK for JavaScript
Tc Bot
User Simulation for Task-Completion Dialogues
Facebook AI Research's Automatic Speech Recognition Toolkit
Speech Transformer
A PyTorch implementation of Speech Transformer, an End-to-End ASR with Transformer network on Mandarin Chinese.
inspectIT is the leading Open Source APM (Application Performance Management) tool for analyzing your Java (EE) applications.
Lanedetection end2end
End-to-end Lane Detection for Self-Driving Cars (ICCV 2019 Workshop)
Stn Ocr
Code for the paper STN-OCR: A single Neural Network for Text Detection and Text Recognition
Tensorflow end2end speech recognition
End-to-End speech recognition implementation base on TensorFlow (CTC, Attention, and MTL training)
Neuraldialog Cvae
Tensorflow Implementation of Knowledge-Guided CVAE for dialog generation ACL 2017. It is released by Tiancheng Zhao (Tony) from Dialog Research Center, LTI, CMU
Ajax Chat is a complete web chat in javascript, ajax, php and mysql compatible with Phonegap
Off-the-record (OTR) messaging protocol, purely in OCaml
Korean speech recognition based on transformer (트랜스포머 기반 한국어 음성 인식)
"SOLQ: Segmenting Objects by Learning Queries", SOLQ is an end-to-end instance segmentation framework with Transformer.
Facebook AI Research's Automatic Speech Recognition Toolkit
🔐 Configurable end to end encryption for Discord
Распознавание речи русского языка используя Tensorflow, обучаясь на базе Voxforge
Transformer implementation speciaized in speech recognition tasks using Pytorch.
ASVspoof PA
No description or website provided.
👨‍👦‍👦 A E2E test visualization tool (get along with postman and postwoman)
PyTorch implementation of "Transformer Transducer: A Streamable Speech Recognition Model with Transformer Encoders and RNN-T Loss" (ICASSP 2020)
SynSeg-Net: Synthetic Segmentation Without Target Modality Ground Truth
An API-first distributed deployment system of deep learning models using timeseries data to predict the behaviour of systems
This repository contains Machine Learning projects that involve the steps starting from data collection to deployment
Open-Source Toolkit for End-to-End Korean Automatic Speech Recognition leveraging PyTorch and Hydra.
[AAAI20] Deep Object Co-segmentation via Spatial-Semantic Network Modulation(Oral paper)
使用 "Darknet yolov3-tiny" 进行车牌识别
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