Top 43 robust open source projects

Html5 Boilerplate
A professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites.
Object detection on multiple datasets with an automatically learned unified label space.
👨‍🎨 CSS Themes Made Easy. A robust, opinionated solution to manage themes in your web application
Graph Cut Ransac
The Graph-Cut RANSAC algorithm proposed in paper: Daniel Barath and Jiri Matas; Graph-Cut RANSAC, Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2018. It is available at
🔗 Methods for Correlation Analysis
A jQuery Plugin to make your App Robust
A certifiable defense against adversarial examples by training neural networks to be provably robust
Expressions and dataframes with statistical details 📉 📜🔣✅
Kube Aws Iam Controller
Distribute different AWS IAM credentials to different pods in Kubernetes via secrets.
Thread-safe cross-platform event loop library in C++
Free adv train
Official TensorFlow Implementation of Adversarial Training for Free! which trains robust models at no extra cost compared to natural training.
[beta] robust portable backup tool in Rust
Robust Tube Mpc
Robust model predictive control using tube
Python Library for Robust Decision Making and Exploratory Modelling
A work in progress polygon operations library with integer snap-rounding
Tinker Manager
在用户规模千万级别的app中验证过,稳定无兼容问题,5分钟让你的SDK拥有热修复能力。A SDK hotfix library with stable verified in tens of millions of users can be accessed in only five minutes.
🌍 Take back your privacy with Dot Browser, the privacy-conscious web browser that protects you from being tracked and monitored online.
Robust is an Android HotFix solution with high compatibility and high stability. Robust can fix bugs immediately without a reboot.
React Bolt
⚡ The most simple & robust boilerplate for your React projects.
An agile, small, productive and robust MVC framework for PHP with high-quality JS extensions and integrated AJAX support.
☔ Translation made with simplicity, yet robust. Made with ❤️ in TypeScript.
noisy label understanding utilizing
ICML 2019: Understanding and Utilizing Deep Neural Networks Trained with Noisy Labels
Generalized Method of Wavelet Moments (GMWM) is an estimation technique for the parameters of time series models. It uses the wavelet variance in a moment matching approach that makes it particularly suitable for the estimation of certain state-space models.
A pretty simple but configurable and efficient FTP-client daemon, driven through a RESTful API, used by France Télévisions in production
Robust Kalman filter with adaptive noise statistics estimation.
stone paper scissor defeator using opencv keras
In this repository i tried to replicate a cool project by a japanese scientist who made a machine which had 100 % accuracy in defeating humans in the game of stone-paper and scissors
Pairwise comparison tests for one-way designs 🔬📝
Weather Forecast is a simple app that shows you a weather. It comes with your standard features like your daily and hourly forecast along with access to additional information
Official repository of STYLER: Style Factor Modeling with Rapidity and Robustness via Speech Decomposition for Expressive and Controllable Neural Text to Speech, INTERSPEECH 2021
Robust Graphical Methods For Group Comparisons
IPCCC 2018: Robust and Unsupervised KPI Anomaly Detection Based on Conditional Variational Autoencoder
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