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TinyGo drivers for sensors and other devices that use I2C, SPI, GPIO, ADC, and UART interfaces.
A tool for passive data capture and reconnaissance of serial flash chips. It is used in conjunction with a Saleae logic analyzer to reconstruct flash memory contents and extract contextual information about device operations.
Ch341 Store
Documents and Software Related to the famous CH341a used in I2C/SPI Flash Programmers also called as Bios Programmers
Spring Dubbo Service
微服务 spring dubbo项目:dubbo rpc;druid数据源连接池;mybatis配置集成,多数据源;jmx监控MBean;定时任务;aop;ftp;测试;Metrics监控;参数验证;跨域处理;shiro权限控制;consul服务注册,发现;redis分布式锁;SPI服务机制;cat监控;netty服务代理;websocket;disconf;mongodb集成;rest;docker;fescar
w25qxx SPI FLASH driver for stm32 HAL
Apa102 Pi
Pure Python library to drive APA102 LED stripes; Use with Raspberry Pi.
Java Device I/O library that is portable across Single Board Computers. Tested with Raspberry Pi, Odroid C2, BeagleBone Black, Next Thing CHIP, Asus Tinker Board and Arduinos. Supports GPIO, I2C, SPI as well as Serial communication. Also known to work with Udoo Quad.
Nf Interpreter
⚙️ nanoFramework Interpreter, CLR, HAL, PAL and reference target boards
Library C++ for raspberrypi and orangepi, GPIO interfaces compatible with openframeworks.
Arduino hardware SPI library for ATtiny44/84, 45/85, 461/861, 2313/4313.
Python module to drive PCD8544, HT1621, ST7735, ST7567 and UC1701X-based LCDs
Esp32 Mpu Driver
ESP32 full library for all MPU6000 MPU6050 MPU6500 MPU9150 MPU9250 with SPI and I2C support and more.
Powershell Iot
Interact with I2C, SPI & GPIO devices using PowerShell Core!
Esp8266 Oled Ssd1306
Driver for the SSD1306 and SH1106 based 128x64, 128x32, 64x48 pixel OLED display running on ESP8266/ESP32
Usb serial controller for Android
Raspberry Pi Go Language Interface
Can library
Multiplatform Arduino library for supporting the native CAN controller on Due (SAM3X) and Teensy 3.1 (K2X) as well as MCP2515 through SPI
Micropython Max7219
MicroPython driver for MAX7219 8x8 LED matrix modules, cascadable and with framebuf
Linux Library for low speed IO Communication in C with bindings for C++, Python, Node.js & Java. Supports generic io platforms, as well as Intel Edison, Intel Joule, Raspberry Pi and many more.
A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire.
Mhi Ac Ctrl
Reads and writes data (e.g. power, mode, fan status etc.) from/to a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) air conditioner (AC) via SPI controlled by MQTT
Wear-leveled SPI flash file system for embedded devices
Rt U8g2
U8g2 for rt-thread - a monochrome graphics library
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Spi Fpga
SPI master and slave for FPGA written in VHDL
Go compiler for small places. Microcontrollers, WebAssembly (WASM/WASI), and command-line tools. Based on LLVM.
A .NET/Mono IO Library for Raspberry Pi This library is a complete refactoring of Raspberry-Sharp libraries, merged into one library and updated to RB3, CM3 and RB3+
Send altitude cocoos
IoT program for Arduino Uno / STM32 Blue Pill (libopencm3) that reads BME280 temperature + humidity + altitude sensors, via I2C or SPI with DMA and multitasking. Sends sensor data to Sigfox via Wisol Sigfox module on UART. Runs on cocoOS task scheduling library
Arduino Library for 74HC595 Shift Register using SPI
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Python module to drive a SSD1306 / SSD1309 / SSD1322 / SSD1325 / SSD1327 / SSD1331 / SSD1351 / SH1106 OLED
A Rust library that provides access to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO, I2C, PWM, SPI and UART peripherals.
Luma.led matrix
Python module to drive LED Matrices & 7-segment displays (MAX7219) and RGB NeoPixels (WS2812 / APA102)
Mac Precision Touchpad
Windows Precision Touchpad Driver Implementation for Apple MacBook / Magic Trackpad
STM32F103 logic analyzer and more
Elixir ale
Interact with hardware in Elixir - GPIOs, I2C and SPI
Esp At
AT application for ESP32 ESP-IDF & ESP32S2 ESP-IDF & ESP8266 ESP8266_RTOS_SDK
Psu Hw
Programmable bench power supply EEZ H24005
✭ 315
Driver for SSD1306, SSD1331, SSD1351, IL9163, ILI9341, ST7735, PCD8544, Nokia 5110 displays running on Arduino/ESP32/Linux (Rasperry) platforms
Various HDL (Verilog) IP Cores
Light Task Scheduler
Distributed Scheduled Job Framework
The driver for the microprocessor
HydraNFC is an open source NFC (13.56MHz) Shield hardware for researcher, hackers, students, embedded software developers or anyone interested in debugging/hacking/developing/penetration testing NFC hardware.
ssd1306 Command Line Tool for Raspberry Pi
Liferay Portal 7 Community Edition Oracle Database Support ** NO LONGER MAINTAINED **. Refer to this repository:
Userinterface for Volumio (RaspberryPi) with ssd1322 and ssd1306 oled display, spectrum bargraph, progress bar, LED functions, Standby-functions, 4 Buttons and Rotary Encoder.
USB SPI programmer/debugger for CSR BlueCore bluetooth chips, based on FTDI USB to UART converter, for Linux and Windows
.Net Core Library to show images on Waveshare E-Paper Displays
IOsonata multi-platform multi-architecture power & performance optimized software library for fast and easy IoT MCU firmware development. Object Oriented design, no board package to define, just pure plug & play any boards
U8g2 for arm linux - a monochrome graphics library
ADE 7953 Arduino style library (Espressif ESP8266 and ESP32 compatible) and demo board PCB design
gfx demo
GFX Demo for Arduino and the ESP-IDF
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