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Work in progress prototype for the Chisel Level Editor, for Unity
Pokegold Spaceworld
Disassembly of the Pokémon Gold and Silver 1997 Space World demo
Quiz App
A repository reflecting the progress made on the "How to Build iOS Apps with Swift, TDD & Clean Architecture" YouTube series, by Caio & Mike.
Spring Dubbo Service
微服务 spring dubbo项目:dubbo rpc;druid数据源连接池;mybatis配置集成,多数据源;jmx监控MBean;定时任务;aop;ftp;测试;Metrics监控;参数验证;跨域处理;shiro权限控制;consul服务注册,发现;redis分布式锁;SPI服务机制;cat监控;netty服务代理;websocket;disconf;mongodb集成;rest;docker;fescar
Rplibs 原型设计元件库,基于Axure RP 10/9/8,支持 Android、Apple、Windows、微信,移动、桌面平台的应用和网站原型设计。五年历程 2.6k+ star,感谢大家使用。
Server Components
🔧 A simple, lightweight tool for composable HTML rendering in Node.js, based on web components.
Visual Prototyping Tool for React Applications
Build pages and prototypes with Lab UI components. No configuration or build setup required.
Ruby on Rails POS (Point of Sale)
minimal wireframing css-framework 🎈
🔑Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software🔓is a software engineering book describing software design patterns. The book's authors are Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides with a foreword by Grady Booch.
Learn Javascript
《前端基础漫游指南》深入的、系统的学习 javascript 基础,喜欢点 Star
Animated rotated overlays, or "reveal" elements for interesting page transition effects.
Abstract Leveldown
An abstract prototype matching the leveldown API
100 Words Design Patterns Java
GoF Design Patterns, each pattern described with story from real life.
Persian fake REST/GraphQL API for testing and prototyping.
Pseudo Python
a restricted python to javascript / c# / go / ruby compiler
A simple starter kit to prototype quickly your ideas with Three.js
The code repository for the prototypes included in the eBook "Inspired EHRs - Designing for Clinicians" ( The code of the prototypes is made available under the Apache 2.0 open source license. This license agreement allows anyone to freely use the code and ideas presented in this book, subject to the conditions listed at
The UI Framework for Framer Classic. Manages data, components and views
Chosen Order
Chosen Order is a plugin for Chosen which provides functions to handle the order of the selection
An automatic theorem prover in OCaml for typed higher-order logic with equality and datatypes, based on superposition+rewriting; and Logtk, a supporting library for manipulating terms, formulas, clauses, etc.
Example Api
A base API project to bootstrap and prototype quickly.
Rest Api Examples
Test and Prototype with Fake Online REST/OAuth 2 APIs Examples
[Not work] Deobfuscate obfuscated binaries!
Awesome Axure
Collection of awesome Axure resources.
Clustered Forward/Deferred renderer with Physically Based Shading, Image Based Lighting and a whole lot of OpenGL.
Awesome Framer
A curated list of awesome things related to Framer prototyping tool
Binjs Ref
Reference implementation for the JavaScript Binary AST format
Input Framer
Framer module to add inputs to your prototypes and easily turn your designs inputs into real inputs
Design System Starter Kit
Rapid prototyping environment using the Salesforce Lightning Design System
Create HTML with python 3 using a standard DOM API. Includes a python port of JavaScript for interoperability and tons of other cool features. A fast prototyping library.
A Framer module to create the base of an app with a flow component and a tab bar menu
UI prototyping w/ Glade for lazy me
Synopsys Detect integration with Github Actions
Streamlit quick & dirty Leaflet component that sends back coordinates on map click
[Unofficial] Atlaskit for Framer X (experimental)
Graphics related projects/prototypes/playground (Vulkan, C++17)
A nested task list prototype built with React + MobX and Material-ui
Create vertical search web application in minutes with generator (based on ItemsAPI)
Android app to collect data to be analyzed for medical purposes.
A library for handling GraphQL requests with Mirage JS
Minimalist plain text editor for the web
Generates dynamic prototype methods for JavaScript objects (classes) by supporting method definition within their "class" constructor (like an instance version), this removes the need to expose internal properties on the instance (this) which results in better code minfication and therefore improved load times for your users.
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