Top 100 realm open source projects

An iOS app for GitHub with exploring trending
Light Realm-powered content management system
Aaf Easydiary
📘 A diary application optimized for user experience.
Jsoup + MaterialViewPager + RxJava2 + Retrofit + Lifecycle + Realm + Fresco + Retrolambda example 一款Android图文精选app,通过抓取网页获得图文列表。目前包含猫弄(MONO)早午茶、站酷(Zcool)精选、国家地理(National Geographic)每日一图、知乎日报、豆瓣一刻(Moment)。
A bubble to do your search.
Cool Android client for gankio (Java).
Realm extension library used to create more type-safe queries.
An easy way to bind an RxRealm observable to a table or collection view
Realm Draw
The official Realm Draw app used in promotional videos
NearbyWeather is an open source weather app for iOS, which uses the OpenWeatherMap API. With this project developers are invited to learn advanced iOS concepts, as well as to contribute further advancements. Fork this repo to get started.
Awesome Blogs Android
어썸블로그 ・ 개발 블로그 모음 ・ 개발 잡덕들을 위한 본격 고퀄리티 개발 블로그 큐레이션 서비스 🕵️‍♀️
Turn your Swift data model into a working CRUD app.
A GraphQL Client in Swift
Todo Android
[Google Play] Todo Android App using Realm, Material Design, and Dagger 2.
Swift Zhi
iOS ZhiHuDaily client, implemented in Swift
A easy to use api client that combines the power of Retrofit, Realm, Gson, Rxjava and Retrolambda in a easy to use library for Java and Android
Realm Browser
Android Database Browser for realm-java
A simple ToDoList written in Swift
Write amazing, strong-typed and easy-to-read NSPredicate.
Simple Todo iOS app with Realm DB and Swift
Realm Dart Ffi
Experimental Realm binding using dart:ffi preview support
An aggregated newspaper app containing news from 10+ local news publishers in Hong Kong. Made with ❤
Keycloak Clojure
A Clojure library helping the integration of Keycloak with a Clojure Application + a sample SPA Client and API Server demonstrating the Keycloak integration
Realm Graphql
GraphQL client for Realm Object Server
Bibleify Desktop
🖥️Simple & fast bible app with dramatized audio built with Electron, React, Rematch & Realm
🔍 Awesome fully customize search view like Pinterest written in Swift 5.0 + Realm support!
Realmfire Swift
Sync a local realm database with firebase
Realm Sync Samples
Code samples showing how to work with Realm Sync
🚚 Espresso is an express delivery tracking app designed with Material Design style, built on MVP(Model-View-Presenter) architecture with RxJava2, Retrofit2, Realm database and ZXing
Realm Graphql Service
GraphQL service for Realm Object Server
Exchange Rates Mvvm
Sample Android project which incorporates MVVM, databinding, RxJava2, Dagger2 and Clean Architecture approach.
RxSwift extension for RealmSwift's types
Extension Methods for adding JSON APIs to a Realm Instance
Habitica Android
Native Android app for Habitica
Realm Dotnet
Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & ORMs
Realm Core
Core database component for the Realm Mobile Database SDKs
Awesome Swift Korean Lecture
훌륭한 Swift 세션 동영상(강좌), 한글 자막있는 혹은 한국어 강의 정보 링크 모음 (Awesome Swift Korean lecture information)
An example Android app using Retrofit, Realm, Parceler, Dagger and the MVVM pattern with the data binding lib.
Whc modelsqlitekit
专业的ORM数据库操作开源库,线程安全,高性能模型对象存储Sqlite开源库,真正实现一行代码操作数据库,让数据库存储变得简单 Professional database storage solutions, thread safe, high-performance model object storage Sqlite open source library, realize one line of code database operation, simple database storage
Android 快速开发库,主要想实现一条属于自己的开发框架。包括网络访问,数据,UI等等
Kotlin Realm Extensions
Kotlin extensions to simplify Realm API.
iOS 高仿Timi记账,欢迎star,THX
✭ 469
Unrealm is an extension on RealmCocoa, which enables Swift native types to be saved in Realm.
Realm Android Adapters
Adapters for combining Realm Java with Android UI components and framework classes
Realm Tasks
To Do app built with Realm, inspired by Clear for iOS
Http Auth
Node.js package for HTTP basic and digest access authentication.
📚A pure reading App based on Material Design + MVP + RxJava2 + Retrofit + Dagger2 + Realm + Glide
Showcases popular movies, tv shows, and people from The Movie Database
Habitica Ios
Native iOS app for Habitica
An iOS app to watch Realm videos and slides at the same time on your phone.
✭ 320
EasyRealm is a micro-framework that helps you use Realm.
Android Orm Benchmark
Performance comparison of Android ORM Frameworks
Realm Object Server
Tracking of issues related to the Realm Object Server and other general issues not related to the specific SDK's
Kotlin Cleanarchitecture
This is a sample app that is part of a blog post I have written about how to architect android application using the Uncle Bob's clean architecture and Fernando Cejas Android-CleanArchitecture in Kotlin. Post in Spanish:
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