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Mobile UI Components Library based on Vue 2.0 at Weidian
🦚 UI kit for decentralized apps
Metroset Ui
Windows Forms Metro Skin Style, Make The Applications With Metro Styles. see more
Flutter ui collection
This repository contains Collection of UI made using Flutter.
Css Mint
Lightweight and simple to use UI Kit. Fully responsive, just 3KB gzipped.
A pretty cool UI kit for Svelte
✭ 179
Vue Beauty
Beautiful UI components build with vue and ant design
Preact Mdl
💥 A collection of Preact Components that encapsulate Google's Material Design Lite.
Responsive Bootstrap 4 windows 95/98 theme & landing template
Fluent Reveal Effect
Fluent Reveal Effect JavaScript library for web
Ppfish Components
Fish Design: 面向B端设计的企业级UI组件库
Modern styles for Avalonia controls.
React Ui Kits
A list of UI Kits available for React and React Native.
Preact Photon
🚀 Beautiful desktop apps with Preact + Photon ❤️
Svelte Chota
Svelte UI components based on super lightweight chota CSS framework.
Shine Design
为开发者、设计师和产品经理准备的 UI 设计语言
Implementation of Neumorphism user interface consisting of sets of principles and widgets for the Flutter framework
Notus Svelte
Notus Svelte: Free Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin
Now Ui Kit
Now UI Kit Bootstrap 4 - Designed by Invision. Coded by Creative Tim
Balm Ui
♦️ A modular and customizable UI library based on Material Design and Vue
Chat Ui Kit React
Build your own chat UI with React components in few minutes. Chat UI Kit from chatscope is an open source UI toolkit for developing web chat applications.
Storefront Ui
Customization-first, performance-oriented and elegant UI framework for eCommerce (and not only) based on Vue.js and Google Retail UX Playbook. Made with 💚 by Vue Storefront team and contributors.
MobileUI was created thinking of making your hybrid application faster and smaller since you only install what you are really going to use for UI.
React Virgin
The react-native UI Kit you've been looking for.
Vue Notus
Vue Notus: Free Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin
Cross platform UI controls for progressive web and hybrid apps (plain JS, jQuery, Angular and React)
Aksara Ui
Aksara Design System, from
Class101 Ui
💅A React-based UI Component Library.
Ui Kit For Chrome Extensions
A UI template for designing the options/settings page for Chrome Extensions. It resembles the exact look as the native settings page of Chrome Browser.
Web Toolkit
A web UI framework based on GTK's Adwaita theme
Rn Components Kit
A series of commonly used react-native components
React Native Elements App
Demo app for React Native Elements (w/ React Native Web)
Its an eCommerce app inspired from Amazon , big Basket , grofers ,grocery app , Etc
React Native Ui Kitten
💥 React Native UI Library based on Eva Design System 🌚✨Dark Mode
SnackUI 🍑 - the final React style library. With an *optimizing compiler* that lets you write views naturally, with easier DX, working on native and web at once, all while being faster than hand-rolling your own CSS.
Ngx Kit
DEPRECATED. Some services moved to separated projects:,,, For other features use @angular/cdk or native HTML/JS.
React Native Paper
Material Design for React Native (Android & iOS)
Sketch Foundation Kit
💎 The Foundation for Sites template for Sketch 3.
Elm Ui
UI library for making web applications with Elm
React-UI-Kit - frontend library with ReactJS components
Sugui Design System
A design system template for the SugUI components library based on styleguidist
Ui Libraries
A collection of UI Frameworks and their platform implementations.
Iview Weapp
一套高质量的微信小程序 UI 组件库
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