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Spa Webapi Angularjs
Building Single Page Applications using Web API and AngularJS
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Exception handling as a convention in the ASP.NET Core request pipeline
”Open棟梁”は、長年の.NETアプリケーション開発実績にて蓄積したノウハウに基づき開発した.NET用アプリケーション フレームワークです。 (”OpenTouryo” , is an application framework for .NET which was developed using the accumulated know-how with a long track record in .NET application development.)
Unit of Work & Repositories Framework - .NET Core, NET Standard, Entity Framework Core. 100% extensible & lightweight. Live demo:
Angular Single Page Application with an ASP.NET Core Web API that uses token authentication
A front-background project using ASP.NET Core WebApi and Vue.js
Unit of Work & Repositories Framework - .NET 4.x
This project born from the need from people to have a way of communication between municipalities and communities. Some municipalities, have their platforms, but they are complex to validate the veracity of complaints. Denounced, it was born with the purpose of offering a free platform to these municipalities. Denounced consists of three main modules developed with Microsoft technologies, using the .Net Framework and Xamarin for its development: 1. Back End Web Project: Module of administration of the complaints, by the employees of the town councils. In this tool, the employees of the city council receive, validate, report and close the complaints, after being served. 2. Web Portal Client: It consists of a web project, so that the community make their complaints, in the same, the users of the service create a profile, must specify when making their complaint, evidence to support this. Through the portal, they can see the complaints of other community members, follow it, give their opinion or provide possible solutions or more evidence. 3. Mobile Project: It has the same functionalities as the web portal, with the addition, that the automatic location can be sent, from the cell phone.
Diamond is a full-stack web-framework written in The D Programming Language using vibe.d
The CQRS flavoured framework that will speed up your WebAPI and Microservices development
Framework for quickly creating enterprise microservices on .NET Core
Web API Framework demonstrates scalable, multitenant, architecture and allows building its own solution in the minutes. Uses: Entity Framework, UnitOfWork, Repository patterns. Wrapped in Docker, Kubernetes
Aspnet Api Versioning
Provides a set of libraries which add service API versioning to ASP.NET Web API, OData with ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Core.
Active Directory B2c Dotnet Webapp And Webapi
A combined sample for a .NET web application that calls a .NET Web API, both secured using Azure AD B2C
Using MongoDB with ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Core to perform CRUD operations and build a NotebookApp
Interact with browser from Go. Manually-crafted WebAPI interoperation library.
Event Sourcing Jambo
An Hexagonal Architecture with DDD + Aggregates + Event Sourcing using .NET Core, Kafka e MongoDB (Blog Engine)
Corporate Bs Generator Api
Corporate Bullshit(BuzzWord) Generator API
Web api management and performance testing tools
一个基于.NET Core 3.1的DDD(领域驱动)的极简风WebApi开发框架。
Strongly Typed Client API Generators generate strongly typed client APIs in C# .NET and in TypeScript for jQuery and Angular 2+ from ASP.NET Web API and .NET Core Web API
Active Directory Dotnet Webapp Webapi Openidconnect Aspnetcore
An ASP.NET Core web application that authenticates Azure AD users and calls a web API using OAuth 2.0 access tokens.
JSON proxy for the UK National Rail Live Departure Board SOAP API
.NET Core API to Blockly - generate from WebAPI, Swagger, OData, GraphQL =>
GenVue is a hostable, web application that lets confidential users upload and share private files. Tech stack: Net Core 2.0 + Vue.js + Vuex + OpenIddict + Vuetifyjs + EF + SQLServer/Postgress
🌈An enhanced version of asp.netcore,Support for netcore3.1
An extensible framework to audit executing operations in .NET and .NET Core.
An open source project based on the HttpClient. You only need to define the c# interface and modify the related features to invoke the client library of the remote http interface asynchronously.
Active Directory Dotnet Daemon
A Windows console application that calls a web API using its app identity (instead of a user's identity) to get access tokens in an unattended job or process.
XCLCMS is a lightweight CMS (content management system) background management system, Developed using MVC, it provides a simple and easy-to-use web API interface and supports multiple applications for a single merchant.
DNN + 2sxc = #DNNCMS - This tool helps web designers and developers prepare great looking content in DNN (DotNetNuke). It's like mixing DNN with Umbraco and Drupal :)
Sample project demonstrating jwt-based authentication with an Vue.js (v2.5.13) frontend and ASP.NET Core 2 WebApi. Includes both local user registration with .NET Core Identity membership and facebook login scenarios.
Active Directory Dotnet Native Desktop
A .NET 4.5 WPF application that authenticates a user and calls web API using Azure AD and OAuth 2.0 access tokens.
Aspnetcore Ddd
Full ASP.NET Core 3.1 LTS application with DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing
A Quick Enterprise Web Framework for Information System 企业级Web快速开发框架
(Migrated from CodePlex) DbWebApi is a .Net library that implement an entirely generic Web API (RESTful) for HTTP clients to call database (Oracle & SQL Server) stored procedures or functions in a managed way out-of-the-box without any configuration or coding.
Active Directory B2c Javascript Nodejs Webapi
A small Node.js Web API for Azure AD B2C that shows how to protect your web api and accept B2C access tokens using Passport.js.
Event Sourcing Castanha
An Event Sourcing service template with DDD, TDD and SOLID. It has High Cohesion and Loose Coupling, it's a good start for your next Microservice application.
Web API links with short urls
Ps Webapi
(Migrated from CodePlex) Let PowerShell Script serve or command-line process as WebAPI. PSWebApi is a simple library for building ASP.NET Web APIs (RESTful Services) by PowerShell Scripts or batch/executable files out of the box.
Make .NET development easier, more versatile, and more popular.
Fluent testing framework for ASP.NET Web API 2.
Abp Boilerplate Project Cms
ABP module-zero +AdminLTE+Bootstrap Table+jQuery+Redis + sql server+quartz+hangfire权限管理系统
An implementation of Clean Architecture for ASP.NET Core 3.1 WebAPI. Built with loosely coupled architecture and clean-code practices in mind.
.NET 开源工作流, NET Open Source Workflow Engine
a lightweight and high-performance http/websocket service component in the dotnet core platform that supports TLS.
☁️ Python package for interacting with Steam
The Swagger/OpenAPI toolchain for .NET, ASP.NET Core and TypeScript.
Sample project demonstrating jwt-based authentication with an Angular (v5.2.1) frontend and ASP.NET Core 2 WebApi. Includes both local user registration with .NET Core Identity membership and facebook login scenarios.
0xsp Mongoose
a unique framework for cybersecurity simulation and red teaming operations, windows auditing for newer vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and privilege escalations attacks, replicate the tactics and techniques of an advanced adversary in a network.
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