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Netease Music Demo
「网易云音乐」Demo。使用了 Vue2.0 全家桶来开发的。
Vue Video
vue + vue-router + vuex + (fetch->axios)
Bga issue blog
Flutter 或 Vue 全家桶(Vue + VueRouter + Vuex + Axios)抓取 GitHub 上的 Issues,结合 GitHub Pages 搭建个人博客站点,支持 GitHub 登录和评论
Vue Cnode
🔥Vue.js打造一个开源的CNode社区。CNode by Vue.js
Storybook Router
A storybook decorator that allows you to use routing-aware components in your stories
Vue Axios Github
Vue 全家桶 + axios 前端实现登录拦截、登出、拦截器等功能
Vue Router User Roles
A Vue.js plugin that protects routes based on user roles. Add your own authentication.
Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template based on AdminLTE with vue.js
Vue Cli Plugin Auto Routing
Automatically resolve pages and layouts routing
Mmf Blog Vue2
mmf-blog vue2.0 (vue2, vue-router, vuex)
👉 Responsive ecommerce template 🛒 built with Vue.js and Nuxt.js
Vite Vue3 Tailwind Starter
Vite 2.x + Vue 3.x + Tailwind 2.x (starter) ⚡
Web designer
Vuex Router Sync
Effortlessly keep vue-router and vuex store in sync.
Vue Fallowfish
Vue Blog
🎉 基于vue全家桶 + element-ui 构建的一个后台管理集成解决方案
Awesome douban DEMO created with Vue2.x + Vuex + Vue-router + Superagent
Vue Mall Mobile
🔥 vue + koa + mongodb 搭建 mobile web 商城 (End。。。)
Vuepro Demo
Vue Auto Routing
Generate Vue Router routing automatically
🎒Vue.js 初步进阶案例,路由懒加载,进入页面前登录判断,返回导航判断,RestAPI接口使用,组件封装,Vuex状态封装,keep-alive页面缓存等功能
Router Extras Module
Extra Add-ons For Nuxt Router
Vue Electron
vue-blog client,base on vue-electron,axios, vuex, vue-router.
Vue Routisan
Elegant, fluent route definitions for Vue Router, inspired by Laravel. v3 is currently in beta. [email protected]
Vue Cnode
🚀 基于vue3 function-based 构建cnode社区
something like QQ、weibo、weChat(vue+express+socket.io仿微博、微信的聊天社交平台)
Vue Cheatsheet
Modified version of the official VueMastery cheatsheet
这是我用Vue 写的一个微信第三方公众号管理平台
Vue Shop
微信商城VUE版本 - 后端weixin-shop-spring-cloud
Lamp Web
lamp-web 的前身是zuihou-ui + zuihou-admin-ui,从3.0.0版本开始,将2个系统合并为lamp-web,它是lamp项目的其中一员。lamp-web 是 lamp-cloud 和 lamp-boot 2个后台项目共用的管理后台,仅需在启动时调整vue.config.js文件中的代理。它基于vue element admin构建。
Vue Cnode
一个vuex vue-router vue-resource的单页面应用demo,api来自cnodejs. vue 1
Mmf Blog Vue2 Ssr
mmf-blog-vue2 ssr(The service side rendering)
Eth Vue
Featured in Awesome Vue [], a curated list maintained by vuejs of awesome things related to the Vue.js framework, and Awesome List [], this Truffle Box provides everything you need to quickly build Ethereum dApps that have authentication features with vue, including configuration for easy deployment to the Ropsten Network. It's also Gravatar-enabled. Connecting to a running Ganache blockchain network from Truffle is also possible -- for fast development and testing purposes. Built on Truffle 5 and Vue 3, eth-vue uses vuex for state management, vuex-persist for local storage of app state, and vue-router for routing. Authentication functionalities are handled by Smart Contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain.
Vue Tiny Code
这里有一个仿 Chrome 调色盘,有一个拖动排版的页面,还有一些新奇的小点子。
Symfony Vuejs
Source code of the tutorial "Building a single-page application with Symfony 4 and Vue.js"
基于Laravel5.2,Vue.js1.0的微信商城,用于熟悉 Laravel、Vuejs、Webpack、Gulp 的结合使用,已不维护及更新。(1MB单核基础服务器,浏览请耐心等待图片加载...)
Laravel学院 Roast 应用源码
Vue Online Shop Frontend
《从零到部署:用 Vue 和 Express 实现迷你全栈电商应用》全栈代码
Pixivic Pc
✨ power by vue
Vue Browser Acl
Easy user access control in Vue for better UX. Build on top of the browser-acl package.
Awesome Vue Cli3 Example
🦅 Awesome example for rapid Vue.js development using vue-cli3 .
Vuetify Todo Pwa
✔️ A simple Todo PWA built with Vue CLI 3 + Vuex + Vuetify.
Spring Boot Vue Bank
我,请始皇[打钱]是一个前后端分离的工具人系统,项目采用 SpringBoot+Go+Vue 开发,项目加入常见的企业级应用所涉及到的技术点,例如 Redis、RabbitMQ 等(主要是多用用工具多踩踩坑)。
Fantastic Admin
一款开箱即用的 Vue 中后台管理系统框架,基于ElementUI,兼容PC、移动端,vue-admin, vue-element-admin, vue后台
Gpk admin
✨ GeekPark Content Management System
Douban Movie
🎥The douban-movie Application built with webpack + vue + vuex + vue-router + iView.
Vue Typescript
Vue.js with TypeScript (OLD - in process of updating)
Admin dashboard for enterprise Laravel applications built by VueJS and Element UI
Vue Cli Multi Page
基于vue-cli模板的多页面多路由项目,一个PC端页面入口,一个移动端页面入口,且有各自的路由, vue+webpack+vue-router+vuex+mock+axios
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