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Final Form
🏁 Framework agnostic, high performance, subscription-based form state management
Ziptastic Jquery Plugin
This is a jQuery plugin that shows how Ziptastic could be used.
Add CLI & form interface to your program. Docs:
Form bloc
đŸ”„ Dart and Flutter Package đŸ”„ Easy Form State Management using BLoC pattern đŸ”„ Wizard/stepper forms, asynchronous validation, dynamic and conditional fields, submission progress, serialization and more! đŸ”„
Svelte Forms Lib
📝. A lightweight library for managing forms in Svelte
Lightweight JavaScript form validation library inspired by CodeIgniter.
A lightweight form validation script.
Framework agnostic upload handler library
A better form library for Phoenix
📋 Official documentation/website
Advanced form elements customization using CSS/JS
React Json Editor
A dynamic form component for react using JSON-Schema.
Rich Model Forms Bundle
Provides additional data mappers that ease the use of the Symfony Form component with rich models.
Build forms from JSON Schema. Easily template-able. Compatible with Bootstrap 3 out of the box.
Callback-free React forms with painless validation.
React Widgets
Polished, feature rich, accessible form inputs built with React
Redux Form
A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store
React Form
⚛ Hooks for managing form state and validation in React
React Redux Form
Create forms easily in React with Redux.
Composable Form
Build type-safe composable forms in Elm
React Apollo Form
Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs.
React Serial Forms
A lightweight and extendable SSR-friendly form library (for React).
Liform React
Generate forms from JSON Schema to use with React (& redux-form)
✭ 167
A field-first form library for React and React Native
🐜 React forms with ease! Composable, headless & with built-in multi steps
📋 Wrapper component for controlled inputs
Ionic Forms And Validations
📝 Ionic Tutorial - Learn to use Forms and Validations in Ionic Angular apps. Get a FREE Ionic 5 Forms Starter App and learn to handle simple and custom validations. Includes complete ionic forms tutorial!
Easily build big and bigger forms with minimal effort
Framework agnostic validation library for PHP
Vue Dynamic Forms
Easy way to dynamically create reactive forms in vue based on a varying business object model
React Formutil
Happy to build the forms in React ^_^
JSON powered forms for React.js
Just a nice and simple AppIntro for your Xamarin Forms project
React Reform
Helps you create powerful themes for pleasant to use forms
Modal progress hud
A simple modal progress HUD (heads-up display, or progress indicator) for flutter
Reactive forms
This is a model-driven approach to handling form inputs and validations, heavily inspired in Angular's Reactive Forms
Radio Group
845 byte WAI-ARIA 1.1 compliant radio group React component
Xamarin Plugin for a HybridWebView in PCL projects.
Powerful forms in Svelte, inspired by Formik.
📝 Simple form & survey app for Nextcloud
Error Message
📋 Error message component
Form Manager
PHP library to create and validate html forms
Symfony Bundle to render Symfony Forms to JSON Schema
Randomly mutate JSON, XML, HTML forms, text and binary data for fuzz testing
React Controlled Form
Flexible, Modular & Controlled Forms for React and Redux
CSS Animations that cause buttons to morph into forms.
Vue Formulate
âšĄïž The easiest way to build forms with Vue.
Use this Xamarin.Forms plugin to display HTML content into a label.
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