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Bga issue blog
Flutter 或 Vue 全家桶(Vue + VueRouter + Vuex + Axios)抓取 GitHub 上的 Issues,结合 GitHub Pages 搭建个人博客站点,支持 GitHub 登录和评论
PAT OJ exercises in C language 浙江大学PAT纯C语言题解,欢迎改进建议
Leetcode Viewer
Godot Ci
Docker image to export Godot Engine games. Templates for Gitlab CI and GitHub Actions to deploy to GitLab Pages/GitHub Pages/
Worry-free deploying to GitHub Pages using Jekyll
Gatsby Docs Kit
📃Easy to Maintain Markdown/React Documentation Static Websites
Github pages repository for OpenRefine account
使用GitHub API 搭建一个可动态发布文章的博客
A responsive, lightning-fast Jekyll theme built using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to speed up your blogs and websites.
Hi~ 这里是 回形针 PaperClip 非官方的资料整理仓库,我们迫切的希望您的帮助整理,这将加速我们的网站维护每一期的文字稿及图片内容。
Github Pages Gallery
A zero dollar solution to host your photo/video gallery online using Github pages and GitHub Actions. No coding necessary.
Wasm Template Rust
A wasm template for Rust to publish to gh-pages without npm-deploy
A resume template written in Markdown,Yaml JSON auto generates github-pages website & PDF by Jekyll. 在线简历生成模板(超高兼容可导PDF)
Cv Template
An easy way to create HTML and PDF versions of your resume, and automatically host them on GitHub Pages.
WordPress static site generator for security, performance and cost benefits
Modern Resume Theme
A modern static resume template and theme. Powered by Jekyll and GitHub pages.
Gh Pages Url Shortener
Minimal URL shortener that can be entirely hosted on GitHub pages.
Github Elpa
Build and Publish Your Own ELPA Repositories with GitHub Pages
Markdown Cv
a simple template to write your CV in a readable markdown file and use CSS to publish/print it.
Angular Cli Ghpages
🚀 Deploy your 🅰️Angular app to GitHub pages directly from the Angular CLI! Available on NPM.
Storybook Deployer
Deploy your storybook as a static site
Type On Strap
🎨 Simplistic, responsive jekyll based open source theme
Ghost On Github Pages
Ghost on Github Pages. Build and deploy Ghost for free in a few minutes.
Liberxue blog for lightweight Jekyll themes 轻量级自适应 简洁 卡片式博客主题 3秒搞定GitHub blog
Personal Site
My personal website - built with React, React-Router, React-Snap for Static-Export, and GitHub Pages.
个人技术博客 My blog, mainly sharing some Python notes.
项目部署流程先从初始化Git库开始,编辑简历文件,将文件部署在Github Pages上,最后可以将其保存为pdf格式并打印出来。
The @CodeForAfrica landing page. Built with Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. Accessible at
Sensible starter to try react with webpack
😊 Here's my portfolio where you can see all my projects, blogs, and achievements.
Markdown Profiles is a project that generates markdown files for those that want an awesome Github profile.It provides several templates for you to use.
DIYbiosphere is an open-source project to collect Do-it-Yourself Biology (DIYbio) initiatives from all over the world
Compose your slides on Github, Host it on Github Pages for free.
Docker image to export Godot Engine games. Templates for Gitlab CI and GitHub Actions to deploy to GitLab Pages/GitHub Pages/
Testable - gamified tool to improve unit testing teaching
papers reading
Sites to share deep learning related papers and their digests
GitHub Action to build and deploy a Jekyll site to GitHub Pages 🧪
👻 Geek Profile Maker based on Markdown
Gesko is a simple and minimalistic jekyll blogging theme.
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