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Top 83 government open source projects
Liste les API disponibles au sein de l'administration française
Govuk Prototype Kit
Rapidly create HTML prototypes of GOV.UK services
Govuk Design System
One place for service teams to find styles, components and patterns for designing government services.
An API to scrape American court websites for metadata.
Design System
Open source design and front-end development resources for creating Section 508 compliant, responsive, and consistent websites.
Provides easier interaction with Socrata open data portals Users can provide a 'Socrata' data set resource URL, or a 'Socrata' Open Data API (SoDA) web query, or a 'Socrata' "human-friendly" URL, returns an R data frame. Converts dates to 'POSIX' format. Manages throttling by 'Socrata'.
Datasets For Good
List of datasets to apply stats/machine learning/technology to the world of social good.
The developer community designing and developing public digital services in Italy
Uswds For Designers
USWDS visual design and UX assets
Information on joining the government community — a collaborative community for sharing best practices in furtherance of open source, open data, and open government efforts. source code and issue tracker
Osd Bike Routes
Open source release of bike routes in Chicago.
A ruby gem to check if the owner of a given email address or website is working for THE MAN (a.k.a verifies government domains).
Grpc Nebula
Caseflow is a web application that enables the tracking and processing of appealed claims at the Board of Veterans' Appeals.
Osd Street Center Line
Open source release of street center lines in Chicago.
Index page and integration layer for projects that related to Ukrainian Health Services government institution
Open Data Etl Utility Kit
Use Pentaho's open source data integration tool (Kettle) to create Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes to update a Socrata open data portal. Documentation is available at
An experiment in open source at the Department of Defense.
Gather, curate, and feature stories of public servants and civic hackers using GitHub as part of their open government innovations
✭ 1,223
Visual Town Budget
Open-source budget visualization framework.
Prosecutor Database
An open-source, community oversight dataset of all U.S. Prosecutors. Happy Hacktoberfest 🎃
Sistema de Apoio ao Processo Legislativo
Design System Starter
🚀 The Australian Government Design System - Starter
Nase Strategie
Chceme mít náš stát konečně rádi a být na něj hrdí. Možná je to utopie... ale do 10 let začne upadat automobilový průmysl a naší zemi zbyde jen černý humor a "vyvezení talenti" za hranice. Je třeba nastartovat změnu, která udělá naše společenské a ekonomické prostředí nejatraktivnějším na světě.
Openpolice Platform
An open source web publishing platform for police forces.
Rgaa referentiel
Référentiel Général d'Accessibilité pour les Administrations
Atd Data And Performance
Open data and performance hub for the City of Austin Transportation Department
The participatory democracy framework. A generator and multiple gems made with Ruby on Rails
World Factbook Country Profiles in JSON - Free Open Public Domain Data - No API Key Required ;-)
Openstates Scrapers
source for Open States scrapers
Design System Components
🛠 Component code and tests for the Australian Government design system
The U.S. Web Design System helps the federal government build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly websites.
Covid Policy Tracker
Systematic dataset of Covid-19 policy, from Oxford University
Making npm work for the front end and the Australian Government Design System.
Developer resources provided by the City of Chicago and sister agencies and get technical updates from the developer blog.
A repository for open source civic tools from many countries and organizations
Schémas de données ouvertes sur des formats réglementaires ou non
A resource to help federal employees write in plain language and comply with the Plain Writing Act of 2010
ArcGIS Pro Add-in that assists in emergency management, local government and state government data aggregation workflows.
Alpha principles for the ethical use of AI and Data Driven Technologies in Ontario | Proposition de principes pour une utilisation éthique des technologies axées sur les données en Ontario
An informative repo for all repos
The tool takes the public through a series of questions to inform those who are concerned they may have contracted COVID-19.
Métadonnées des dépôts de codes sources d'organismes publics français
A web application to submit and view Freedom of Information Law requests
A proxy for security researchers outside India to access Indian government websites without resorting to shady VPNs.
A Jekyll theme showcasing the U.S. Web Design System
Open Source Software Requirements and Guidance (Draft) - Exigences et guides liés aux logiciels libres (Ébauche)
Open source release of building footprints in Chicago.
A python package that brings together financial and economic data.
A resource to help teams evaluate and improve their software delivery.
SecurityHeaders GovUK
A scan of all sites for the most common security headers or lack of
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