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A flexible and extensible static content generation framework for .NET.
Your own link shortener that's easily deployed as a static site (for free)
Best theme for Pelican Static Blog Generator
a static http server anywhere you need one.
Learn To Send Email Via Google Script Html No Server
📧 An Example of using an HTML form (e.g: "Contact Us" on a website) to send Email without a Backend Server (using a Google Script) perfect for static websites that need to collect data.
Repository of Twilio SendGrid's product documentation.
Jekyll Doc Theme
Jekyll theme for creating project documentation websites
LOOKING FOR NEW MAINTAINER - Quokka is a Content Management System - `docker run --rm -it -p 5000:5000 quokka/quokka`
Eleventy Starter Ghost
A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy
铁路车站代码查询 × 动车组交路查询
Nuxt Netlify Cms Starter Template
⚡ Build server-less, static websites with Vue.js and Netlify CMS.
Gatsby Docker
Develop & Build GatsbyJS static sites within Docker.
Startup Landing
Collection of free top of the line startup landing templates built using react/nextjs/gatsby. Free to download, simply edit and deploy! Updated weekly!
Gridsome Starter Bleda
Gridsome blog starter, built with Tailwind CSS
Go Org
Org mode parser with html & pretty printed org rendering. also shitty static site generator.
Scriptable static site generator using type safe F# DSL to define page templates.
xmind\code\articles for my personal blog 个人博客上的资源备份存储,也是个人分享的汇总
Awesome Static Hosting And Cms
A collection of awesome static hosting & CMS providers
🤗 A super simple starting point for Hugo websites.
A simple markdown editor for static files (Hugo, Nexo, Jekyll, MkDocs, ...)
Heroku Static Site
A basic Ruby/Rack app for publishing a static HTML/CSS/javascript website on Heroku (for free)
Deploy static websites in seconds - with HTTPS, a global CDN, and custom domains.
Actions Netlify
🚀 Netlify deploy from GitHub Actions
Eleventy Starter Boilerplate
🚀 Eleventy Starter is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. ⚡ Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS and Netlify CMS (optional).
The email service for when just "" isn't enough.
Next Js Blog Boilerplate
🚀 Nextjs Blog Boilerplate is starter code for your blog based on Next framework. ⚡️ Made with Nextjs, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.
现代化java cms,由天津黑核科技有限公司开发,轻松支撑千万数据、千万PV;支持静态化,服务器端包含; 目前已经拥有全球0.0002%的用户,语言支持中、繁、日、英;是一个已走向海外的成熟CMS产品
Nextjs Ts
Opinionated Next JS project boilerplate with TypeScript and Redux
🅱️ Deep fries your pics. Serve with laundry sauce.
Create Static Site
Create static websites with no build configuration.
John Doe
A simple way to make HTML websites
Editorial Jekyll Theme
A Jekyll version of the "Editorial" theme by HTML5 UP.
Stitcher Core
High performance, static websites for PHP developers
A simple and visual static web server with collaboration features.
Hugo Theme Noteworthy
A minimalist Hugo theme for writers and bloggers
🔍 Tiny, full-text search engine for static websites built with Rust and Wasm
Awesome Jamstack
📔 Curated list of resources: books, videos, articles, speaker decks, tools about using the JAMstack (A modern web development architecture for creating fast, secure and dynamic websites)
Jamstack Comments Engine
An example of a comments engine you could add to any JAMstack site hosted on Netlify
👹 🐸 JavaScript static site generator with Org Mode & Markdown support (α) 💥
🍉 An opinionated tool for making static websites with browserify
A simple Wiki page in Markdown from notebook of VNote.
React Static
⚛️ 🚀 A progressive static site generator for React.
🎈VuePress 静态布局 Blog,清新+ 简洁+。
🎉 A tool to help creating and deploying static sites with AWS
Dr. Jekyll's Themes - Add Your Theme!
Ryosuke Gatsby Blog
Static PWA React-powered portfolio and blog built with GatsbyJS
Hugo Theme Basic
Basic site theme styled with minimal tachyons, syntax highlighting, and blog series configuration. 📦
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