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A Kotlin library which helps to request runtime permissions in Android.
☘☘Relax 基于Kotlin语言编写的一套组件化框架,不紧整体组件化、内部也高度组件化🎋你可配置MVP、MVVM的开发模式、也可以配置所需要的业务组件🍁🍁
📬EventBus for Android,消息总线,基于LiveData,具有生命周期感知能力,支持Sticky,支持AndroidX,支持跨进程,支持跨APP
Jetpack Mvvm Scaffold
人生苦短,让脚手架为你节省时间。(目前作为《最佳实践》项目的 Dev 版来优先更新)
An MVVM practice app that uses Kotlin, DataBinding, LiveData, ViewModel and Room. The app's data source is from
Sample App with Jetpack components(LiveData, Navigation, ViewModel) + MVVM + coroutine + single activity
🏰 MVVMFrame for Android 是一个基于Google官方推出的Architecture Components dependencies(现在叫JetPack){ Lifecycle,LiveData,ViewModel,Room } 构建的快速开发框架。有了MVVMFrame的加持,从此构建一个MVVM模式的项目变得快捷简单。
Unpeek Livedata
LiveData 数据倒灌:别问,问就是不可预期 - Perfect alternative to SingleLiveEvent, supporting multiple observers.
Android References
👏 Android 示例程序:MVP, MVVM, 组件化, AndroidX, ARouter, RxJava, EventBus, ButterKnife, 视频播放, 视频直播, 网络访问, 布局和控件整理等
Android library to handle runtime permission through Kotlin coroutines and Livedata.
A Sample News App written in Kotlin using Android Architecture Components, MVVM
Mvvm Architecture Android Beginners
This repository contains a sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Kotlin, ViewModel, LiveData, and etc.
Android Clean Arch Coroutines Koin
Implemented by Clean Architecture, MVVM, Koin, Coroutines, Moshi, Mockk, LiveData & DataBinding
Android 组件化 MVVM 框架 基于 Jetpack + Kotlin
This repository might be a starting point for building Android interview tasks. There is also providing a basic sample template based on layered architecture using Dagger2 and Architecture Components.
Coroutines Flows Modularised
Clean Architecture Modular Project: MVVM + Coroutines+ Flows + Dagger2 + LiveData + UnitTests + UITests + MockWebServer
A sample Android gallery to search images posted on Reddit built using modern Android development tools (Architecture Components, MVVM, Coroutines, Flow, Navigation, Retrofit, Room, Koin)
An example Android app using Retrofit, Room, LiveData, RxJava2, Paging, Koin and the MVVM pattern with the databinding
🔥🔥Android 平台,基于LivaData的EventBus,无侵入,更优雅,支持跨进程,跨应用粘性事件,自定义事件等功能。
Ktarmor Mvvm
👻 Android快速开发框架, KtArmor 寓意着 为Android 赋予战斗装甲, 方便开发者快速进行Android 开发。
Android Vmlib
VMLib is an Android framework based on Android Jetpack, easy to use, desinged for fast development. Embrace the new way devloping Android :)
Lifecycle + Kotlin 协程 + flow + LiveData + Glide 识别和内存优化 + Luban采样算法 = KLuban图片压缩
🏄 帮助你快速使用Android的LiveData与ViewModel,已支持SavedState
It simply loads Posts data from API and stores it in persistence storage (i.e. SQLite Database). Posts will be always loaded from local database. Remote data (from API) and Local data is always synchronized.
LiveData notification when keyboard opens or closes, plus some handy extension functions
Android Mvvm Architecture
A basic sample android application to understand MVVM in a very simple way.
使用Dagger,LiveData,ViewModel,Rxjava ,Retrofit等搭建App业务模块组件化框架。并处理多个系统提供数据导致的返回数据格式不一致,More ,please readme
Navigation Architecture Component from Jetpack sample app
Movieapp Clean Architecture
Learning Project (Movie App) For Applying Android Architecture Components And Clean Architecture Using MVVM With Kotlin
Livedata Call Adapter
A simple LiveData call adapter for retrofit
Mentorship Android
Mentorship System is an application that matches women in tech to mentor each other, on career development, through 1:1 relations during a certain period of time. This is the Android application of this project.
🧙🏻 Sample HarryPotter application based on MVVM architecture (ViewModel, LiveData, Repository, Coroutines, Koin or Dagger-Hilt)
Android Livedata Viewmodel
Android app that demonstrates how to use new Architecture components.
Android Mvvm Coroutine
Kotlin android application example with MVVM pattern, android architecture, kotlin coroutine, unit test, and UI test
️🔥️🔥️🔥AACHulk是以Google的ViewModel+DataBinding+LiveData+Lifecycles框架为基础, 结合Okhttp+Retrofit+BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper+SmartRefreshLayout+ARouter打造的一款快速MVVM开发框架
Kotlin example with LiveData and Data Binding usage
Android Permission lib PowerPermission makes handling runtime permissions extremely easy.
Refactored Umbrella
Example of Flow + LiveData w/ Room as single source of truth for data in an MVVM architecture
Roomdb Sample
A simple notes app to demo Room + LiveData implementation in Android
Simple and sane Retrofit request library for Kotlin helps wrap responses and provides easy error handling that can be easily translated to custom exception objects for easy and proper handling. Ketro supports LiveData request and also Coroutines functionality. As well easily propagate errors to the parent fragment/activity or handle within the ViewModel without losing your sanity🔥. Ketro is highly flexible and is a good tool for clean response parsing and management
Sample Code Movies
This repository contains sample code. Its purpose being, to quickly demonstrate Android and software development in general, clean code, best practices, testing and all those other must know goodies.
A RxJava Transformer handle Android Lifecycle as same as LiveData.
A simple LiveData implementation of Android Location API
Price Tracker
Price Tracking Application - An experimental Kotlin Android project with complex android app requirements.
👻 Android快速开发框架, KtArmor 寓意着 为Android 赋予战斗装甲, 方便开发者快速进行Android 开发。
⚒ Modular components for RecyclerView development enforcing clean, reusable and testable code, with built-in support for paging and complex hierarchies of data.
Android Mvvm Rx3 Dagger2 Navcomponent
Implemented using MVVM, LiveData, Room, RX3, Dagger2, Coil, View Binding, Navigation Component and AndroidX
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