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Top 79 webscraping open source projects

LinkedIn enumeration tool to extract valid employee names from an organization through search engine scraping
R Web Scraping Cheat Sheet
Guide, reference and cheatsheet on web scraping using rvest, httr and Rselenium.
Tradingview Data Scraper
Extract price and indicator data from TradingView charts to create ML datasets
Powerful and flexible Instagram scraping library for Python, providing easy-to-use and expressive tools for accessing data programmatically
Open Source web scraping API. Falkor turns web pages into queryable JSON
An extensible API for breaking captchas
Github stargazers information gathering tool
A TikTokBot that downloads trending tiktok videos and compiles them using FFmpeg
ralger makes it easy to scrape a website. Built on the shoulders of titans: rvest, xml2.
Operating Systems Three Easy Pieces
operating systems three easy pieces by Rezmi
🎬 A Crunchyroll show/season ripper
Web Scraper in Go, similar to BeautifulSoup
Php Crawler
A php crawler that finds emails on the internets
An exploration of New York Times crossword answers from 1994-2017, i.e. the Will Shortz era.
Code for the second edition Web Scraping with Python book by Packt Publications
DotnetCrawler is a straightforward, lightweight web crawling/scrapying library for Entity Framework Core output based on dotnet core. This library designed like other strong crawler libraries like WebMagic and Scrapy but for enabling extandable your custom requirements. Medium link :
Perceptual image hashing for Node.js
Udemy bot
An automation bot for free Udemy courses
可视化任务调度系统,精简到一个二进制文件 (Web visual task scheduler system , yes ! just one binary solve all the problems !)
Covid 19 jhu data web scrap and cleaning
This repository contains data and code used to get and clean data from and
Download/access photos, videos, stories, story highlights, postlives, following and followers of Instagram
Fifa Fut Data
Web-scraping script that writes the data of all players from FutHead and FutBin to a CSV file or a DB
Sneakerbot App
App that scrapes the Footlocker website to construct URLs for upcoming sneaker releases and adds the shoe to your cart if it is available. Uses Python and Selenium Webdriver. *Chrome and Chromedriver must be installed and Chromedriver must be on main path
A Fast Broken Link Hijacker Tool written in Python
Django Dynamic Scraper
Creating Scrapy scrapers via the Django admin interface
Public, free to use, repository with diggers configs for scraping / extracting data from various e-commerce websites and online stores
Archive a reddit user's post history. Formatted overview of a profile, JSON containing every post, and picture downloads. Uses the pushshift API.
Sig To Googlecalendar
A python script to get class schedules on UFLA's SIG and convert to a .CSV file to use in Google Calendar
Simple datasets and notebooks for data visualization, statistical analysis and modelling - with write-ups here:
A python web scraper for public email lists.
🥫 The simple, fast, and modern web scraping library
Suck the InTernet
Take the hassle out of web scraping
Proxy requests
a class that uses scraped proxies to make http GET/POST requests (Python requests)
Command line tool to download and extract data from HTML/XML pages or JSON-APIs, using CSS, XPath 3.0, XQuery 3.0, JSONiq or pattern matching. It can also create new or transformed XML/HTML/JSON documents.
An R web crawler and scraper
web check
Script for checking changes in webpages
ARGUS is an easy-to-use web scraping tool. The program is based on the Scrapy Python framework and is able to crawl a broad range of different websites. On the websites, ARGUS is able to perform tasks like scraping texts or collecting hyperlinks between websites. See:
amelia 2.0
An Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot and Service Provider written in Python and AIML.
A Simple, LightWeight, Statically-Typed Python3 API wrapper for GogoAnime.
Let's you to access your FB account from the command line and returns various things number of unread notifications, messages or friend requests you have.
Make a ZIM file from any Web site and surf offline!
Download all the ebooks with indexed csv of ""
Scrape your favorite Anime from without effort
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