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Heroku ebooks
A script to generate Markov chains and to post to an _ebooks account on Twitter using Heroku
Flask Boilerplate
Simple flask boilerplate with Postgres, Docker, and Heroku/Zeit now
Heroku Deploy
A simple github action that dynamically deploys an app to heroku
Semana Js Expert30
Aulas da Semana JS Expert 3.0 - Construindo um chat multiplataforma usando linha de comando e JavaScript Avançado
Awesome Heroku
A curated list of helpful Heroku resources.
Heroku Python Script
Guide for hosting python scripts and applications on Heroku
Generate Heroku-like random names to use in your node applications.
Clojure News Web Application - (Hacker News Clone)
Subdir Heroku Buildpack
Allows to use subdirectory configured via environment variable as a project root
Go Getting Started
Getting Started with Go on Heroku
Heroku Config
[Utility] Push and pull heroku environment variables to your local env
Java Getting Started
Getting Started with Java on Heroku
Vuejs Rails Starterkit
Vue.js + Rails Starting Kit GitHub Template to develop Hybrid Mobile Application:
Wordpress Heroku
This project is a template for installing and running WordPress 5.x on Heroku.
React Node Example
a minimalist starter repo for React and Node to deploy to heroku
Open Source Carpooling Platform
Graphql Engine Heroku
Blazing fast, instant realtime GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control, also trigger webhooks on database events.
Heroku Telegram Bot
Starter pack to host your Python Telegram Bot on Heroku for free.
A Pluggable And Powerful Telegram Manager Bot
Ruby2 Rails4 Bootstrap Heroku
A starter application based on Ruby 2.4, Rails 4.2 and Bootstrap for Sass 3, deployable on Heroku
Line Bot Tutorial
Line bot tutorial.
Salien Script Js
👽 A easy to install, run and update Node.js script for the Steam salien mini-game.
Angular Quiz App
A music quiz in Angular 2+ using the Spotify API.
Next Postgres Sequelize
React 16.8.4 + NextJS 8.0.3 + Emotion + Sequelize 5/Postgres + Passport Local Auth + Google App Engine or Heroku Deployment
Interactive GraphQL exploration tool built with React - still working on the website
Crud App Vuejs Django
This is simple crud app and searchFilter made using vuejs and django. Used to explain the tutorial present on
Php Getting Started
Getting Started with PHP on Heroku
Dokku Cli
Makes your Dokku even more Heroku
Portfolio Generator
HoxNox - Portfolios Made Easy, Generate portfolios in 3 easy steps
Heroku Node Proxy
一键在Heroku上部署node-unblocker Web代理,简单易用且免费
A simple Golang LINE bot Template and tutorial how to setup on Heroku for LINE bot API
Crawler for Fundamental analysis platform for BOVESPA stocks, generating a score for each share according to the selected criteria on the indicators.
Lightweight library for web server applications in Swift on macOS and Linux powered by coroutines.
Fluentular is a Fluentd regular expression editor
A RESTful API for amiibo.
✭ 153
Real-Time Interchangeable Translating Assistant, an open-source free translation Bot for Discord.
Rails new
A thoughtfully designed template for building modern Rails apps. Get started in minutes instead of hours 🔥🚀
Discord Musicbot
Very simple discord music bot with the discord.js with Song Name playing. It can able to play music with the song name
An addictive Jeopardy! bot for Slack. Fun fact, after I added this to my work Slack I was told to limit it to a single channel because productivity ground to a halt. (Five years later, the #jeopardy channel is still going strong.)
Koa2 Blog
Simple rails app to track your game results with elo and trueskill ratings
Heroku Static Site
A basic Ruby/Rack app for publishing a static HTML/CSS/javascript website on Heroku (for free)
Learn Devops
🚧 Learn the craft of "DevOps" (Developer Operations) to Deploy your App and Monitor it so it stays "Up"!
Bandwidth Hero Proxy
⚡️ Proxy that compresses images to low-resolution
Fraternate is a standalone copy of the GitHub organization and user interaction framework. Built with Mongo dB | Node.js® | Express.js | Handlebars.js | Bootstrap.
Heroku Node Telegram Bot
Starter pack for running telegram bot on the Heroku using Node.js
Simple scheduler
An enhancement for Heroku Scheduler + Sidekiq for scheduling jobs at specific times.
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