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Bower Components
[DEPRECATED] Site to discover Bower components
Jquery Easyui
jquery-easyui lib , update form, useful for git and bower . 给 git and bower 提供lib,与 easyui 官网保持同步
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Moved to Polymer/tools monorepo
Micon, The iconic windows 10 font and CSS toolkit.
Fabric Brush
Crayon is a canvas brush based on an awesome framework Fabric.js
Sticky Sidebar
😎 Pure JavaScript tool for making smart and high performance sticky sidebar.
Ignition Go
Bootstrap4 /Codeigniter 3 Modular (HMVC) App Building Framework - to build enterprise class web applications... Versions: CodeIgniter 3.1.9 AdminLTE 3.4 Bootstrap 4.5.0
Expertiza is a web application through which students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, web sites, etc). The Expertiza project is supported by the National Science Foundation.
If you are looking for Bootstrap without jQuery, this is it.
Vscode Deploy Reloaded
Recoded version of Visual Studio Code extension 'vs-deploy', which provides commands to deploy files to one or more destinations.
Eon Chart
Realtime animated graphs with PubNub and C3.
The classless CSS reset (perfect for Communists).
Next Generation Forum Software
A non date-based time calculator
Highcharts Chart
Polymer Element wrapper for highcharts library. Seamlessly create various types of charts from one element.
ungrid - the simplest responsive css grid
Client Dependencies Gradle
Install client dependencies from NPM, Bower or Git
Bootstrap 4 Ui Kit
Free collection of Bootstrap 4 web blocks.
Cookiecutter Pyramid Talk Python Starter
An opinionated Cookiecutter template for creating Pyramid web applications starting way further down the development chain. This cookiecutter template will create a new Pyramid web application with email, sqlalchemy, rollbar, and way more integrated.
Bower Angular Translate Loader Static Files
angular-translate-loader-static-files bower package
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Bower Bootstrap Css
Twitter Bootstrap for Bower
Burger - The minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation.
Ax5ui Uploader
jQuery file uploader, HTML5(IE9+, FF, Chrome, Safari) -
Composer Asset Plugin
NPM/Bower Dependency Manager for Composer
Showdown Htmlescape
Plugin for Showdown to prevent the use of arbitrary HTML and allow only the specific Markdown syntax.
Instant Bootstrap is a quick and easy way to start creating bootstrap themes using LESS, SASS, GRUNT, and BOWER.
A responsive state manager which allows you to run different javascript at different browser widths
Easily paste and upload files/images in plain textareas
Bower Material
This repository is used for publishing the AngularJS Material v1.x library
A PHP implementation of bower 🐦
Npm Gui
Graphic tool for managing javascript project dependencies - in a friendly way.
Customisable smart app banners for iOS and Android
Bower Away
A tool for migrating away from Bower (to Yarn)
Arcgis Js Api
Minified version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Multiple Dates Picker For Jquery Ui
MDP is a little plugin that enables jQuery UI calendar to manage multiple dates.
Distribution packages for bootswatch themes.
npm, yarn, node, npx, bower, grunt, gulp, generate-md - build and dev tools.
ngWebcam is an AngularJS directive for capturing images from your computer's camera, and delivering then to you as data uri.
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