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Mobileapp Pentest Cheatsheet
The Mobile App Pentest cheat sheet was created to provide concise collection of high value information on specific mobile application penetration testing topics.
An iOS app for GitHub with exploring trending
Xkcd Open Source
A free and open source xkcd comic reader for iOS.
Expenso Ios
A Simple Expense Tracker App built to demonstrate the use of SwiftUI, CoreData, Charts, Biometrics (Face & Touch ID) and MVVM Architecture.
To Do
一个无后端待办事项应用,数据用 LeanCloud 进行同步。
Barcode and QR code reader built in Swift
Uniapp Admin
Muti-platform management system for uniapp, H5, Android, IOS, Min Program
Swift Essentials
A set of essential Swift stuff I use in every single iOS app.
Ios Octopodium
Discover your Github ranking based on your repositories' stars
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React Native Android Activity
Sample: Start an Android activity or an iOS view controller from React Native JavaScript.
Insights For Instagram
A simple iOS Instagram's media insights App written in Swift
图文混排 , 实现图片文字混排 , 可显示常规链接比如网址,@,#话题#,手机号 , 邮箱号等 , 可以自定义链接字,设置关键字高亮等功能 . 适用于微博,微信,IM聊天对话等场景 . 实现这些功能仅用了几百行代码,耦合性也较低
Ios Modular Architecture
Template iOS application using Modular Architecture
Expandable Table View
Expandable UITableView in iOS
My Wallet V3 Ios
Blockchain iOS Wallet
Full Stack Protocol Oriented BDD in Xcode for iOS app with Swift using XCUITest, Cucumberish and FitNesse
iOS Music App that let you search, download and play music
The MyCoin app for iOS
Movies app written in Swift 5 using the TMDb API and demonstrating Clean Architecture, Dependency Injection, MVVM and Coordinators.
A simple shopping cart example iOS App
Flutter For Wordpress App
🎃 Cross-platform wordpress news app built with Flutter and WP REST API.
A simple note taking app for macOS and iOS which uses Realm and CloudKit for syncing
Lovefreshpeakapp oc
IOS电商购物APP: 爱鲜蜂OC版,规范的代码风格,使用Masonry布局适配所有ios机型 Shopping e-commerce projects, using automatic layout, suitable for any Ios model Website ;
Bookstore Ios
 Sample iOS App - A collection of examples and patterns for Unit Testing, UI Testing, handling Result/Optionals, writing documentation, and more. Details in README.
Github Contributions Ios
🐙🐱 GitHub Contribution Widgets for iOS
Recipe App Flutter Ui
A nice clean recipe app UI using flutter.
🎥 See the upcoming movies! ReSwift + RxSwift 💖 Hacktoberfest 🎃
Swift Project Template
Script to easily create an iOS project base code!
Shadertoy Ios V2
Shadertoy for iOS
Open source Reddit client for iOS built entirely in Swift
Swift project
🌈Flutter App:🎊「今日份的X」(每天推荐一个:图片、诗歌、名言、音乐、乐评、高等数学、两种配色、化学方程式、Github Repo、知乎问题、文章)
Geektime Ios Course
极客时间 —《从0开发一款iOS应用》讲义及示例工程
Cat Account Ios
Cat Accounting iOS Client Code.
script for iOS app autobuilding
Turn your Swift data model into a working CRUD app.
Bark is an iOS App which allows you to push customed notifications to your iPhone
jQuery Picker Library for Android, iOS & Windows Phone. eg Date Picker, Time Picker, DateTime Picker, Custom Select etc
Ios Rubik Solver
An iOS app that detects a 3x3 Rubik's cube, recognizes the color of all cubies, solves it and provides a 3D visualisation of the solving process.
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Wordpress App With Flutter
Fully Functional IOS/Android App for WordPress Website with Flutter
Pulse Sms Ios
The official iOS app for Pulse SMS.
☀️ Sol° beautifully displays weather information so you can plan your day accordingly. Check the weather in your current location or any city around the world. Implemented in Objective-C.
巴拉剋 - Safari 蓋版廣告消除器
Flutter medical
Functioning Doctor/Healthcare Catalog App created using Dart with Flutter. Stores and loads data from Firebase Firestore DB.
Little Go. An iOS application that lets you play the game of Go on the iPhone or iPad.
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🦁 🃏 📱 An animal matching puzzle card game– built with turn-based game engine and React-Native + React-Native-Web
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