Top 131 cpp14 open source projects

1. Gcem
A C++ compile-time math library using generalized constant expressions
2. Lyra
A simple to use, composable, command line parser for C++ 11 and beyond
4. Sigslot
A simple C++14 signal-slots implementation
✭ 237
5. Vim Cpp Modern
Extended Vim syntax highlighting for C and C++ (C++11/14/17/20)
6. Lugdunum
[UNMAINTAINED] A modern cross-platform 3D engine built with Vulkan, glTF 2.0 and modern C++14.
7. Beasthttp
Provides helper tools for creating RESTful services using Boost.Beast
8. Icecream Cpp
🍦 Never use cout/printf to debug again
9. Libuavcan
Portable reference implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack in C++ for embedded systems and Linux.
10. Tutorials
Repository for my YouTube tutorials + code snippets
11. Aegis.cpp
Discord C++ library for interfacing with the API. Join our server:
12. Etl
Blazing-fast Expression Templates Library (ETL) with GPU support, in C++
13. Bigint
Arbitrary-sized integer class for C++
14. Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming
Solutions to all the questions I solved during the Competitive programming course with Coding Ninjas.
15. Tick
Trait introspection and concept creator for C++11
18. Nanodbc
A small C++ wrapper for the native C ODBC API | Requires C++14 since v2.12
19. Yvm
[yvm] low performance garbage-collectable jvm
✭ 173
21. Sparkle
🎇 A modern particle engine running on GPU, using c++14 and OpenGL 4.4.
22. Ni Media
NI Media is a C++ library for reading and writing audio streams.
23. Boost graph cookbook 1
Boost.Graph Cookbook 1: Basics
24. Gf
A C++14 framework for 2D games
25. Modern Cpp Cheatsheet
Cheatsheet for best practices of Modern C++ (taken from Effective Modern C++)
26. Timercpp
Javascript like setTimeout and setInterval for c++ developers
✭ 146
27. Httpp
Micro http server and client written in C++
28. Variant
Eggs.Variant is a C++11/14/17 generic, type-safe, discriminated union.
29. Scelta
(experimental) Syntactic sugar for variant and optional types.
31. Openmonero
Fully open sourced implementation of MyMonero backend
32. Qpanda 2
QPanda 2 is an open source quantum computing framework developed by OriginQC that can be used to build, run, and optimize quantum algorithms.
33. Cpp Tour
C++ Introductory Tour. Click here to take the tour:
34. Reflex
C++14 Reflection Library
35. Rocket
rocket - Fast single header signal/slots library for C++
36. Array
C++ multidimensional arrays in the spirit of the STL
37. Openmf Archived
Abandoned C++ version. Contains useful format utils and parsers.
38. Valuable
A C++ smart-pointer with value-semantics 💎
✭ 118
39. Cpi
Tiny c++ interpreter
40. Fheroes2enh
Free Heroes 2 - Enhanced
41. Afsm
C++14 Finite State Machine library
42. Memo
The memo elastic and resilient key-value store.
44. Scope guard
A modern C++ scope guard that is easy to use but hard to misuse.
45. Sh3redux
SILENT HILL 3 Engine Remake in OpenGL and C++
46. Cppinsights
C++ Insights - See your source code with the eyes of a compiler
47. Mpl11
Enjoy template metaprogramming
48. Ring Span Lite
ring-span lite - A C++yy-like ring_span type for C++98, C++11 and later in a single-file header-only library
49. Functionalplus
Functional Programming Library for C++. Write concise and readable C++ code.
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