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JumpServer 是全球首款开源的堡垒机,是符合 4A 的专业运维安全审计系统。
The official homepage of the (outdated) COCO-Stuff 10K dataset.
Object detection on multiple datasets with an automatically learned unified label space.
Yolo person detect
person detect based on yolov3 with several Python scripts
Nas fpn tensorflow
NAS-FPN: Learning Scalable Feature Pyramid Architecture for Object Detection.
Sca Cnn.cvpr17
Image Captions Generation with Spatial and Channel-wise Attention
PyTorch-based modular, configuration-driven framework for knowledge distillation. 🏆18 methods including SOTA are implemented so far. 🎁 Trained models, training logs and configurations are available for ensuring the reproducibiliy.
Repo 2018
Deep Learning Summer School + Tensorflow + OpenCV cascade training + YOLO + COCO + CycleGAN + AWS EC2 Setup + AWS IoT Project + AWS SageMaker + AWS API Gateway + Raspberry Pi3 Ubuntu Core
Faster Rcnn tensorflow
This is a tensorflow re-implementation of Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time ObjectDetection with Region Proposal Networks.
Up Detr
[CVPR2021 Oral] UP-DETR: Unsupervised Pre-training for Object Detection with Transformers
Pytorch Imagenet Cifar Coco Voc Training
Training examples and results for ImageNet(ILSVRC2012)/CIFAR100/COCO2017/VOC2007+VOC2012 datasets.Image Classification/Object Detection.Include ResNet/EfficientNet/VovNet/DarkNet/RegNet/RetinaNet/FCOS/CenterNet/YOLOv3.
Implementation EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection in PyTorch
CC游戏案例之 组队吃鸡
Fcos tensorflow
FCOS: Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object Detection.
Coco Annotator
✏️ Web-based image segmentation tool for object detection, localization, and keypoints
Math object detection
An image recognition/object detection model that detects handwritten digits and simple math operators. The output of the predicted objects (numbers & math operators) is then evaluated and solved.
A framework for training segmentation models in pytorch on labelme annotations with pretrained examples of skin, cat, and pizza topping segmentation
Max Human Pose Estimator
Detect humans in an image and estimate the pose for each person
Tensorflow Serving sidecar
Serve machine learning models using tensorflow serving
Deeplab Pytorch
PyTorch implementation of DeepLab v2 on COCO-Stuff / PASCAL VOC
To speedup and simplify image labeling/ annotation process with multiple supported formats.
OpenMMLab Pose Estimation Toolbox and Benchmark.
Prepare detection dataset
convert dataset to coco/voc format
Visual Question Answering in Pytorch
Two-stage CenterNet
Helper functions to create COCO datasets
Support PointRend, Fast_SCNN, HRNet, Deeplabv3_plus(xception, resnet, mobilenet), ContextNet, FPENet, DABNet, EdaNet, ENet, Espnetv2, RefineNet, UNet, DANet, HRNet, DFANet, HardNet, LedNet, OCNet, EncNet, DuNet, CGNet, CCNet, BiSeNet, PSPNet, ICNet, FCN, deeplab)
Imitate Coco Xcx
FoveaBox: Beyond Anchor-based Object Detector
Pytorch Human Pose Estimation
Implementation of various human pose estimation models in pytorch on multiple datasets (MPII & COCO) along with pretrained models
various cv tools, such as label tools, data augmentation, label conversion, etc.
keras cv attention models
Keras/Tensorflow attention models including beit,botnet,CMT,CoaT,CoAtNet,convnext,cotnet,davit,efficientdet,efficientnet,fbnet,gmlp,halonet,lcnet,levit,mlp-mixer,mobilevit,nfnets,regnet,resmlp,resnest,resnext,resnetd,swin,tinynet,uniformer,volo,wavemlp,yolor,yolox
Cascade FPN Tensorflow
Cascade R-CNN: Delving into High Quality Object Detection.
CC游戏案例之 斗兽棋
SimpleAICV:pytorch training example on ImageNet(ILSVRC2012)/COCO2017/VOC2007+2012 datasets.Include ResNet/DarkNet/RetinaNet/FCOS/CenterNet/TTFNet/YOLOv3/YOLOv4/YOLOv5/YOLOX.
pdq evaluation
Evaluation code for using probabilistic detection quality (PDQ) measure for probabilistic object detection tasks. Currently supports COCO and robotic vision challenge (RVC) data.
(CVPR 2021) Code for our method RePRI for Few-Shot Segmentation. Paper at
Dataset Management Framework, a Python library and a CLI tool to build, analyze and manage Computer Vision datasets.
Tool to evaluate deep-learning detection and segmentation models, and to create datasets
CC游戏案例之 激流竞速
A PyTorch implementation of Spiking-YOLOv3. Two branches are provided, based on two common PyTorch implementation of YOLOv3(ultralytics/yolov3 & eriklindernoren/PyTorch-YOLOv3), with support for Spiking-YOLOv3-Tiny at present.
Python library for computer vision labeling tasks. The core functionality is to translate bounding box annotations between different formats-for example, from coco to yolo.
FCOS: Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object Detection.
deep utils
An open-source toolkit which is full of handy functions, including the most used models and utilities for deep-learning practitioners!
Fast Image Retrieval (FIRe) is an open source project to promote image retrieval research. It implements most of the major binary hashing methods to date, together with different popular backbone networks and public datasets.
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