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Dawn Bench Entries
DAWNBench: An End-to-End Deep Learning Benchmark and Competition
Selecsls Pytorch
Reference ImageNet implementation of SelecSLS CNN architecture proposed in the SIGGRAPH 2020 paper "XNect: Real-time Multi-Person 3D Motion Capture with a Single RGB Camera". The repository also includes code for pruning the model based on implicit sparsity emerging from adaptive gradient descent methods, as detailed in the CVPR 2019 paper "On implicit filter level sparsity in Convolutional Neural Networks".
Mobilenetv3 Pytorch
Implementing Searching for MobileNetV3 paper using Pytorch
Pyramidnet Pytorch
A PyTorch implementation for PyramidNets (Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks,
Pyramidal Convolution: Rethinking Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition (
Deep fusion project of deeply-fused nets, and the study on the connection to ensembling
PyTorch implementation of Octave Convolution with pre-trained Oct-ResNet and Oct-MobileNet models
Triplet Attention
Official PyTorch Implementation for "Rotate to Attend: Convolutional Triplet Attention Module." [WACV 2021]
MoGA: Searching Beyond MobileNetV3
Mini Imagenet Tools
Tools for generating mini-ImageNet dataset and processing batches
🖍️ LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images
Sequential Imagenet Dataloader
A plug-in replacement for DataLoader to load ImageNet disk-sequentially in PyTorch.
Code for ICLR 2020 paper 'AtomNAS: Fine-Grained End-to-End Neural Architecture Search'
Pytorch Cpp
PyTorch C++ inference with LibTorch
PyTorch-based modular, configuration-driven framework for knowledge distillation. 🏆18 methods including SOTA are implemented so far. 🎁 Trained models, training logs and configurations are available for ensuring the reproducibiliy.
Senet Caffe
A Caffe Re-Implementation of SENet
TensorFlow implementation of AlexNet and its training and testing on ImageNet ILSVRC 2012 dataset
Models Comparison.pytorch
Code for the paper Benchmark Analysis of Representative Deep Neural Network Architectures
implement AlexNet with C / convolutional nerual network / machine learning / computer vision
Shufflenet V2 Tensorflow
A lightweight convolutional neural network
Tensorrt Utils
⚡ Useful scripts when using TensorRT
Keras implementation of Mobile Networks
Code for CVPR 2019 paper: " Learning Deep Compositional Grammatical Architectures for Visual Recognition"
Vision4j Collection
Collection of computer vision models, ready to be included in a JVM project
Pytorch Imagenet Cifar Coco Voc Training
Training examples and results for ImageNet(ILSVRC2012)/CIFAR100/COCO2017/VOC2007+VOC2012 datasets.Image Classification/Object Detection.Include ResNet/EfficientNet/VovNet/DarkNet/RegNet/RetinaNet/FCOS/CenterNet/YOLOv3.
Pytorch implementation of network design paradigm described in the paper "Designing Network Design Spaces"
This implements training of popular model architectures, such as AlexNet, ResNet and VGG on the ImageNet dataset(Now we supported alexnet, vgg, resnet, squeezenet, densenet)
Torch implementation of the paper "Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks" (
Ir Net
This project is the PyTorch implementation of our accepted CVPR 2020 paper : forward and backward information retention for accurate binary neural networks.
Code for the neural architecture search methods contained in the paper Efficient Forward Neural Architecture Search
Unofficial implementation with pytorch DistributedDataParallel for "MoCo: Momentum Contrast for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning"
A new test set for ImageNet
Resnet Imagenet Caffe
train resnet on imagenet from scratch with caffe
TensorFlow implementation of PNASNet-5 on ImageNet
A pytorch implementation of VoVNet
[ICCV 2019] Harmonious Bottleneck on Two Orthogonal Dimensions
Tf Mobilenet V2
Mobilenet V2(Inverted Residual) Implementation & Trained Weights Using Tensorflow
Caffe Model
Caffe models (including classification, detection and segmentation) and deploy files for famouse networks
Mobilenet Caffe
Caffe Implementation of Google's MobileNets (v1 and v2)
Tf Hrnet
tensorflow implementation for "High-Resolution Representations for Labeling Pixels and Regions"
One Pixel Attack Keras
Keras implementation of "One pixel attack for fooling deep neural networks" using differential evolution on Cifar10 and ImageNet
Big transfer
Official repository for the "Big Transfer (BiT): General Visual Representation Learning" paper.
Trial on kaggle imagenet object localization by yolo v3 in google cloud
Divide And Co Training
[Paper 2020] Towards Better Accuracy-efficiency Trade-offs: Divide and Co-training. Plus, an image classification toolbox includes ResNet, Wide-ResNet, ResNeXt, ResNeSt, ResNeXSt, SENet, Shake-Shake, DenseNet, PyramidNet, and EfficientNet.
Pretrained Models.pytorch
Pretrained ConvNets for pytorch: NASNet, ResNeXt, ResNet, InceptionV4, InceptionResnetV2, Xception, DPN, etc.
A c++ trainable semantic segmentation library based on libtorch (pytorch c++). Backbone: ResNet, ResNext. Architecture: FPN, U-Net, PAN, LinkNet, PSPNet, DeepLab-V3, DeepLab-V3+ by now.
Imagenet resnet tensorflow2.0
Train ResNet on ImageNet in Tensorflow 2.0; ResNet 在ImageNet上完整训练代码
Constrained attention filter
(ECCV 2020) Tensorflow implementation of A Generic Visualization Approach for Convolutional Neural Networks
Porting pytorch dcgan on FloydHub
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