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Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Machine Learning Tutorials
A comprehensive list of Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tutorials - rapidly expanding into areas of AI/Deep Learning / Machine Vision / NLP and industry specific areas such as Climate / Energy, Automotives, Retail, Pharma, Medicine, Healthcare, Policy, Ethics and more.
Tensorflow tutorial
Code for Stanford CS224D: deep learning for natural language understanding
Tensorflow Deep Learning
All course materials for the Zero to Mastery Deep Learning with TensorFlow course.
Deep Reinforcement Learning Gym
Deep reinforcement learning model implementation in Tensorflow + OpenAI gym
Medium Facenet Tutorial
Facial Recognition Pipeline using Dlib and Tensorflow
Gans From Theory To Production
Material for the tutorial: "Deep Diving into GANs: from theory to production"
Tensorflow In Practice Code
源码实现:《TensorFlow实战》黄文坚,唐源 著
Tensorflow Dataset Tutorial
Notebook for my medium article about how to use Dataset API in TensorFlow
Captcha trainer
[验证码识别-训练] This project is based on CNN/ResNet/DenseNet+GRU/LSTM+CTC/CrossEntropy to realize verification code identification. This project is only for training the model.
Deep Learning With Python
Example projects I completed to understand Deep Learning techniques with Tensorflow. Please note that I do no longer maintain this repository.
Learn Machine Learning In Two Months
Những kiến thức cần thiết để học tốt Machine Learning trong vòng 2 tháng. Essential Knowledge for learning Machine Learning in two months.
Tensorflow 2.0 Tutorials
Machine learning lectures
Collection of lectures and lab lectures on machine learning and deep learning. Lab practices in Python and TensorFlow.
Tensorflow Coding
ChatGirl is an AI ChatBot based on TensorFlow Seq2Seq Model. ChatGirl 一个基于 TensorFlow Seq2Seq 模型的聊天机器人。(包含预处理过的 twitter 英文数据集,训练,运行,工具代码,来波 Star 。)QQ群:167122861
This is where I put all my work in Natural Language Processing
Awesome Tensorflow Chinese
Awesome-TensorFlow-Chinese,TensorFlow 中文资源精选,官方网站,安装教程,入门教程,视频教程,实战项目,学习路径。QQ群:167122861,公众号:磐创AI,微信群二维码:
Free Tensorflow
Tensorflow 免费中文视频教程,开源代码,免费书籍.
Entailment With Tensorflow
Accompanying notebook for the Entailment with Tensorflow article.
Tensorflow Brasil
Códigos e materiais sobre TensorFlow em Português
Fish detection
Fish detection using Open Images Dataset and Tensorflow Object Detection
Duke Tsinghua Mlss 2017
Duke-Tsinghua Machine Learning Summer School 2017
Imitation Learning Dagger Torcs
A Simple Example for Imitation Learning with Dataset Aggregation (DAGGER) on Torcs Env
Tensorflow Tutorials For Time Series
TensorFlow Tutorial for Time Series Prediction
Math object detection
An image recognition/object detection model that detects handwritten digits and simple math operators. The output of the predicted objects (numbers & math operators) is then evaluated and solved.
Deep Nlp
Tensorflow Tutorial files and Implementations of various Deep NLP and CV Models.
Tensorflow From Zero To One
TensorFlow 最佳学习资源大全(含课程、书籍、博客、公开课等内容)
Deep Neural Network Trading collection of Tensorflow Jupyter notebooks
Tensorflow Serving sidecar
Serve machine learning models using tensorflow serving
Tensorflow Mnist Tutorial
MNIST classification in Tensorflow using Django
Tensorflow Sentiment Analysis On Amazon Reviews Data
Implementing different RNN models (LSTM,GRU) & Convolution models (Conv1D, Conv2D) on a subset of Amazon Reviews data with TensorFlow on Python 3. A sentiment analysis project.
Tensorflow examples
reference code for tensorflow
Tensorflow Find Object
📸 A simple application to demonstrate TensorflowJS using mobile net model to predict objects via camera API.
Tensorflow Tutorial
Some interesting TensorFlow tutorials for beginners.
Seq2seq Signal Prediction
Signal forecasting with a Sequence-to-Sequence (seq2seq) Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) model in TensorFlow - Guillaume Chevalier
My Tensorflow Tutorials
This repo contains all of my TensorFlow tutorials
Tensorflow 2.x Tutorials
TensorFlow 2.x version's Tutorials and Examples, including CNN, RNN, GAN, Auto-Encoders, FasterRCNN, GPT, BERT examples, etc. TF 2.0版入门实例代码,实战教程。
Machine Learning
머신러닝 입문자 혹은 스터디를 준비하시는 분들에게 도움이 되고자 만든 repository입니다. (This repository is intented for helping whom are interested in machine learning study)
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