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Computer Vision Guide
📖 This guide is to help you understand the basics of the computerized image and develop computer vision projects with OpenCV. Includes Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and C++ examples.
Mobilenetv2 Pytorch
Impementation of MobileNetV2 in pytorch
Pytorch fine tuning tutorial
A short tutorial on performing fine tuning or transfer learning in PyTorch.
PyTorch implementation of "WILDCAT: Weakly Supervised Learning of Deep ConvNets for Image Classification, Pointwise Localization and Segmentation", CVPR 2017
Googlenet Inception
TensorFlow implementation of GoogLeNet and Inception for image classification.
Nfnets Pytorch
NFNets and Adaptive Gradient Clipping for SGD implemented in PyTorch
Pixel level land classification
Tutorial demonstrating how to create a semantic segmentation (pixel-level classification) model to predict land cover from aerial imagery. This model can be used to identify newly developed or flooded land. Uses ground-truth labels and processed NAIP imagery provided by the Chesapeake Conservancy.
🖍️ LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images
Group Normalization Tensorflow
A TensorFlow implementation of Group Normalization on the task of image classification
ML data annotations made super easy for teams. Just upload data, add your team and build training/evaluation dataset in hours.
Code and Pretrained model for IGCV3
Beauty Net
A simple, flexible, and extensible template for PyTorch. It's beautiful.
Transformer In Transformer
Implementation of Transformer in Transformer, pixel level attention paired with patch level attention for image classification, in Pytorch
A Keras implementation of MobileNetV3.
An Image is Worth 16x16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale
PyTorch-based modular, configuration-driven framework for knowledge distillation. 🏆18 methods including SOTA are implemented so far. 🎁 Trained models, training logs and configurations are available for ensuring the reproducibiliy.
A script in python to organize your images by similarity.
Architectural Floor Plan
AFPlan is an architectural floor plan analysis and recognition system to create extended plans for building services.
Cvpr18 Inaturalist Transfer
Large Scale Fine-Grained Categorization and Domain-Specific Transfer Learning. CVPR 2018
IPyPlot is a small python package offering fast and efficient plotting of images inside Python Notebooks. It's using IPython with HTML for faster, richer and more interactive way of displaying big numbers of images.
IdenProf dataset is a collection of images of identifiable professionals. It is been collected to enable the development of AI systems that can serve by identifying people and the nature of their job by simply looking at an image, just like humans can do.
Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification. ICIAR 2018 Grand Challenge on BreAst Cancer Histology images (BACH)
Pytorch Cifar100
Practice on cifar100(ResNet, DenseNet, VGG, GoogleNet, InceptionV3, InceptionV4, Inception-ResNetv2, Xception, Resnet In Resnet, ResNext,ShuffleNet, ShuffleNetv2, MobileNet, MobileNetv2, SqueezeNet, NasNet, Residual Attention Network, SENet, WideResNet)
Block-wisely Supervised Neural Architecture Search with Knowledge Distillation (CVPR 2020)
implement AlexNet with C / convolutional nerual network / machine learning / computer vision
A smart album for Android which use tensorflow to classify images
Nsfw Resnet
🔥🔥NSFW implement in pytorch(色情图&性感图识别,本程序经过了线上大数据集测试,性能优异效果良好)🔥🔥
Awesome Image Classification
A curated list of deep learning image classification papers and codes
Tfclassify Unity
An example of using Tensorflow with Unity for image classification and object detection.
Scarlet Nas
Bridging the gap Between Stability and Scalability in Neural Architecture Search
Remo Python
🐰 Python lib for remo - the app for annotations and images management in Computer Vision
Robot Grasp Detection
Detecting robot grasping positions with deep neural networks. The model is trained on Cornell Grasping Dataset. This is an implementation mainly based on the paper 'Real-Time Grasp Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks' from Redmon and Angelova.
.NET Standard bindings for Apache MxNet with Imperative, Symbolic and Gluon Interface for developing, training and deploying Machine Learning models in C#.
Code for CVPR 2019 paper: " Learning Deep Compositional Grammatical Architectures for Visual Recognition"
LabelD is a quick and easy-to-use image annotation tool, built for academics, data scientists, and software engineers to enable single track or distributed image tagging. LabelD supports both localized, in-image (multi-)tagging, as well as image categorization.
Pytorch implementation of network design paradigm described in the paper "Designing Network Design Spaces"
Pytorch image classifier
Image classification: efficientnet/resnest/seresnext/.....
Facial Expression Recognition using Residual Masking Network
Tf.keras Commonly Used Models
Protest Detection Violence Estimation
Implementation of the model used in the paper Protest Activity Detection and Perceived Violence Estimation from Social Media Images (ACM Multimedia 2017)
Code for the neural architecture search methods contained in the paper Efficient Forward Neural Architecture Search
Keras And Tensorflow Serving
Deploying Keras models using TensorFlow Serving and Flask
Implementing Lambda Networks using Pytorch
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