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Cs Notes Pdf PDF版本离线阅读
Collaborative text editor (like Google Docs or CoderPad) with integrated semi-anonymizing voice chat intended to help reduce bias in technical communication.
Interview Preparations
This repository contains coding assessments and their solutions for various IT companies
INGInious is a secure and automated exercises assessment platform using your own tests, also providing a pluggable interface with your existing LMS.
Leetcode Sol Res
Clean, Understandable Solutions and Resources for LeetCode Online Judge Algorithm Problems.
Daily Coding Problem
Series of the problem 💯 and solution ✅ asked by Daily Coding problem👨‍🎓 website.
Codility lessons
Codility Lesson1~Lesson17 100% solutions with Python3 除正確解答外comment裡有解題的思考過程
Hands On Algorithmic Problem Solving
A middle-to-high level algorithm book designed with coding interview at heart!
Daily Coding Problem
Self-implemented python solution for every day.
Coding Interview
😀 代码面试题集,包括剑指 Offer、编程之美等
Lc Java
Clean Leetcode solutions in Java
Python For Coding Test
[한빛미디어] "이것이 취업을 위한 코딩 테스트다 with 파이썬" 전체 소스코드 저장소입니다.
Algorithmic Pseudocode
This repository contains the pseudocode(pdf) of various algorithms and data structures necessary for Interview Preparation and Competitive Coding
Fuck Coding Interviews
How on earth can I ever think of a solution like that in an interview?!
Sde Interview Questions
Most comprehensive list 📋 of tech interview questions 📘 of companies scraped from Geeksforgeeks, CareerCup and Glassdoor.
Online Judge
A modern open-source online judge and contest platform system.
Kotlin Coding Challenges
🧩 Kotlin coding puzzle and solutions
Automatically sync your leetcode solutions to your github account - top 5 trending GitHub repository
Coding Exercises
My implementation of useful data structures, algorithms, as well as my solutions to programming puzzles.
面试常用算法框架分类总结,带你逐类击破 LeetCode 题目,培养算法思维,一通百通。Summary of Algorithm Patterns in coding interview. Cracking LeetCode and build up your algorithm thinking.
Must Do Coding Questions for Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. It also help to crack the technical inteviews.
Modern CPP Tricks often useful in Coding Interviews and Competitive Programming
List of available free/paid courses,bootcamps available for Coding Interview Prep, SDE Roles
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