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Competitive Programming Resources
This repository consists of data helpful for ACM ICPC programming contest, in general competitive programming.
#100DaysOfCode - Learn by developing 100 unique apps to explore exciting tech stacks
100 Plus Python Coding Problems With Solutions
A list of python problems for beginners and intermediate developers
Halite Iii
Season 3 of @twosigma's artificial intelligence programming challenge
Css Art
General Edition - A CSS art challenge, for all skill levels
Codility lessons
Codility Lesson1~Lesson17 100% solutions with Python3 除正確解答外comment裡有解題的思考過程
This is the Repository where you can find all the solution of the Problems which you solve on competitive platforms mainly HackerRank and HackerEarth
Javascript Interview Questions Developer
Danh sách những câu hỏi trong phỏng vấn Javascript 📝
Coding challenge 22
Hacktoberfest 2019
Magical universe
Awesome Python features explained using the world of magic
Programming Challenges
Algorithmic, Data Structures, Frontend and Pentest - Programming challenges and competitions to improve knowledge.
Kotlin Coding Challenges
🧩 Kotlin coding puzzle and solutions
Coding Exercises
My implementation of useful data structures, algorithms, as well as my solutions to programming puzzles.
Coding Challenge-3
Build a Speech Recognition Website using IBM Watson!
🕷A simple but *really* fast crawler built with Node.js & TypeScript
coding challenge-35
Building Social Proof
🥋 Coding Dojo é uma forma de treinar suas habilidades em desenvolvimento de sistemas. Usamos o formato KATA. Nesse formato vamos apresentar o desafio e apresentar a proposta de solução (sem mostrar o código), e reunir as pessoas em equipes. Esse repositório serve como uma central de tudo o que acontece no NCD. Fique por dentro!
A Chrome Extension, built to keep you updated with the latest happenings, upcoming contests and, new tech innovations.
coding challenge-36
Build Your Own Blockchain...
coding challenge-15
Simulating a real life work task that you will most likely encounter in your career.
covers python basic to advance topics, practice questions, logical problems in python, web development using html, css, bootstrap, jquery, DOM, Django 🚀🚀. 💥 🌈
coding challenge-19
Building a React based personal blog using GatsbyJS
Learning Rust by solving advent of code challenges (Streaming live on Twitch every Monday)
coding challenge-28
LANGO - The Complete Dev Language API
Coding Challenge-6
Logic and problem solving - 3 JavaScript Puzzles
coding challenge-14
Understanding JavaScript and coding without the help of a library or tool
Collection of coding challenges given by companies to aspiring developers
code gym
A workspace for learning computer science and software engineering topics
coding challenge-26
COVID 19 pandemic - build software that drive social impact
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