Top 130 beginner open source projects

A version of Pharo by Example for Pharo 50.
Vue Examples
Collection of Vue examples for beginner front end developers
Project Based Learning Frontend
List of Project based Tutorials for frontend development
A set of Koans to teach the C# language on .NET Core.
This hacktoberfest project exists to help you submit your first Pull Request and welcome you to the world of open source!
Javascript Todo List Tutorial
✅ A step-by-step complete beginner example/tutorial for building a Todo List App (TodoMVC) from scratch in JavaScript following Test Driven Development (TDD) best practice. 🌱
Make your first PR! ~ A beginner-friendly repository made specifically for open source beginners. Add your profile, a blog or any program under any language (it can be anything from a hello-world program to a complex data structure algorithm) or update the existing one. Just make sure to add the file under the correct directory. Happy hacking!
Webgl Month
🎓 Daily WebGL tutorials
Frida Boot
Frida Boot 👢- A binary instrumentation workshop, with Frida, for beginners!
Python tips
Some Python tips for beginner to intermediate users. Also used as a personal cheat sheet. Featured here
Dark Fantasy Hack Tool
DDOS Tool: To take down small websites with HTTP FLOOD. Port scanner: To know the open ports of a site. FTP Password Cracker: To hack file system of websites.. Banner Grabber: To get the service or software running on a port. (After knowing the software running google for its vulnerabilities.) Web Spider: For gathering web application hacking information. Email scraper: To get all emails related to a webpage IMDB Rating: Easy way to access the movie database. Both .exe(compressed as zip) and .py versions are available in files.
A beginner-friendly project to help you in open-source contributions. Data Structures & Algorithms in various programming languages Please leave a star ⭐ to support this project! ✨
Phoenix Liveview Counter Tutorial
🤯 beginners tutorial building a real time counter in Phoenix 1.5.5 + LiveView 0.14.7 ⚡️
Prometheus Basics
A beginner friendly introduction to prometheus 🔥
Learn Heroku
🏁 Learn how to deploy your web application to Heroku from scratch step-by-step in 7 minutes!
42.exam C
Solutions of the C beginner exam. Doing each problem correctly, one level up, and so the difficulty of the problems. If one fails a problem, you can retry another problem in the same level, but without getting the full marks.
✭ 109
Start Here
💡 A Quick-start Guide for People who want to dwyl ❤️ ✅
A repo for brand new devs who are looking for great real-world fundamental practice projects
100 page python intro
🐍 Short, introductory guide for the Python programming language 📗 ⚡️
Make your first PR! ~ A beginner-friendly repository made specifically for open source beginners. Add your profile, a blog, or any program under any language or update the existing one. Just make sure to add the file under the correct directory. Happy hacking!
Hello World
🙆 Are you a beginner? send your test pull requests here!
Learn Vim
Vim 实操教程(Learning Vim)Vim practical tutorial.
Python For Beginners
Here you can find all the main Python files written throughout my free YouTube tutorial series Python for Beginners!
Phoenix Todo List Tutorial
✅ Complete beginners tutorial building a todo list from scratch in Phoenix 1.5.3 (latest)
Llvm 9.0 Learner Tutorial
A blog for LLVM(v9.0.0 or v11.0.0) beginner, step by step, with detailed documents and comments. Record the way I learn LLVM and accomplish a complete project for FPGA High-Level Synthesis with it.
Skill Sample Nodejs Fact
Build An Alexa Fact Skill
Javascript Notes
Notes taken during Wes Bos' BeginnerJavaScript course
Ready For Tech Interview
💻 신입 개발자로서 준비를 하기 위해 지식을 정리하는 공간 👨‍💻
Javascript Mini Projects
Awesome Collection of amazing javascript mini-projects.
Vs Code For Node Js Development Pack
🏃 A VS Code Extension Pack to get up and running with Node.js Development
Flutter For Beginners
A Restaurant Management App for Web, iOS and Android
Open collab for a directory of really 'awful' front-end pages.
Vst24 Hello World
This project contains a "Hello World" style application for building a VST 2.4 plugin
The Python Practical Examples List. REAL projects for beginners.
Awesome Discord Communities
A curated list of awesome Discord communities for programmers
Hacktoberfest 2020
Welcome to Open-source! Simply add your details to contributors | Repo for Hacktoberfest 2020 ✅
ABC of Flutter widgets. Intended for super beginners at Flutter. Play with 35+ examples in DartPad directly and get familiar with various basic widgets in Flutter
A collection of simple scripts to create 2D physics game, intended for giving workshops to a young audience
Programming Challenges
Algorithmic, Data Structures, Frontend and Pentest - Programming challenges and competitions to improve knowledge.
React Best Practices
A comprehensive reference guide to kickstart your React architecting career!
Problem Solving Javascript
🔥 Crack you JS interviews ⚡ Collection of most common JS Interview questions with Unit Tests 🚀
Phoenix Chat Example
💬 A Step-by-Step Beginners Tutorial for Building, Testing & Deploying a Chat app in Phoenix 1.5.5 🚀
Happy Hacktober! This is a beginner friendly repository made specifically for Hacktoberfest that helps you get your first PR.
Cpp Crash Course
C++ Crash Course
Awesome First Timers
Place to contribute if you are a first timer
Awesome Hacktoberfest 2020
A curated list of awesome Hacktoberfest 2020 repositories, guides and resources
A ClojureScript coding environment for beginners.
Machine Learning For Beginner By Python3
Basic Mathematics For Machine Learning
The motive behind Creating this repo is to feel the fear of mathematics and do what ever you want to do in Machine Learning , Deep Learning and other fields of AI
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