Top 141 diagram open source projects

Azure Plantuml
PlantUML sprites, macros, and other includes for Azure services
C4 Plantuml
C4-PlantUML combines the benefits of PlantUML and the C4 model for providing a simple way of describing and communicate software architectures
Visualize ruby
Transform code into a flowchart and experimentally trace the execution path through it
Step Functions
You can make a AWS step functions workflow with GUI and export/import JSON/YAML.
Vue Diagrams
Diagram component for vue.js, inspired by react-diagrams
Convert your ascii diagram scribbles into happy little SVG
Jekyll Spaceship
🚀 A Jekyll plugin to provide powerful supports for table, mathjax, plantuml, mermaid, emoji, video, audio, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, soundcloud, spotify, etc.
🎨 Diagram as Code for prototyping cloud system architectures
Create free cloud architecture diagrams
Beautiful React Diagrams
💎 A collection of lightweight React components and hooks to build diagrams with ease 💎
A pure PHP library for reading and writing diagrams files
Go Plantuml
Generate plantuml diagrams from go source files or directories
Relay Visual Learners
An interactive diagram of Relay Classic.
Lollipop-style mutation diagrams for annotating genetic variations.
Automatically generate PlantUML diagrams in javadoc
Generate class diagrams from scala source code
Gojs React
A set of React components to manage GoJS Diagrams, Palettes, and Overviews
Vim Boxdraw
An ASCII box drawing plugin for Vim
Structurizr Php
🗺 library for PHP - generate architecture diagrams from code
Tikzcd Editor
A simple visual editor for creating commutative diagrams.
🦋Butterfly,A JavaScript/React/Vue2 Diagramming library which concentrate on flow layout field. (基于JavaScript/React/Vue2的流程图组件)
Flowy Vue
Vue Flowy makes creating flowchart or hierarchy chart functionality an easy task. Build automation software, mind mapping tools, organisation charts, or simple programming platforms in minutes by implementing the library into your project.
Ontodia data diagraming library
🌊 Digital timing diagram rendering engine
Interactive diagrams of Kotlin Flow
Blast Radius
Interactive visualizations of Terraform dependency graphs using d3.js
Diagram Tools
A number of small tools for generating and manipulating diagrams, mostly based around Graphviz
Vis Network
💫 Display dynamic, automatically organised, customizable network views.
Diagram Vue
A editable SVG-based diagram component for Vue
💠 DOT Language Live Editor (GraphViz)
Hook Flow
A flowchart that explains the new lifecycle of a Hooks component.
Erd Go
Translates a plain text description of a relational database schema to a graphical entity-relationship diagram.(convert to dot file)
Complete catalog of all classical patterns in the Archimate language
Mermaid Server
Go implementation of a HTTP server to allow remote generation of mermaid-js diagrams without any pre-requisites installed locally.
Deep Viz
A React component library, providing concise and beautiful diversity charts with Canvas, SVG, E-map, WebGL, Dom, based on data visualization experience and commercial data display practice.
Asciidoctor Kroki
Asciidoctor.js extension to convert diagrams to images using Kroki!
Graphical language server platform for building web-based diagram editors
React Flow Chart
A flexible, stateless, declarative flow chart library for react.
Gatsby Embedder Excalidraw
🤴 Custom transformer to embed Excalidraw diagrams
♾ A Graph Visualization Framework in JavaScript
Uml Diagram For Python Design Pattern Examples
UML diagram list of GoF design pattern examples written in Python.
Grav Plugin Diagrams
Diagrams is a Grav plugin that adds simple and powerful diagrams functionality
Draws simple SVG flow chart diagrams from textual representation of the diagram
Protobuf Uml Diagram
Create UML diagrams from Protobuf compiled .proto files using Python
Visual connectivity for webapps draws network diagrams dynamically from a text file describing the placement, layout and icons. Given a yaml file describing the hierarchy of the network and it's connections, a resulting diagram will be created.
CLI app to convert ASCII arts into hand drawn diagrams.
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