Top 55 clean open source projects

Extend python lists with .NET's LINQ syntax for clean and fast coding. Also known as PINQ.
Clean Architecture Android
Sample to practice Clean Architecture in android applications.
A beautifully-simple framework-agnostic modern state management library.
Android logger, pretty, powerful and flexible, log to everywhere, save to file, all you want is here.
🎉 Minimal and Clean Free Jekyll Theme
An exceptionally fast, thorough and tiny unused-CSS cleaner
Clean Code Zh
Converts obfuscated/nested links to genuine clean links.
Clean Webpack Plugin
By default, this plugin will remove all files inside webpack's output.path directory, as well as all unused webpack assets after every successful rebuild.
Summernote Cleaner
Plugin for Summernote that adds a Button and/or Paste functionality for cleaning MS Word Crud from editor text
Hugo Theme Console
A minimal, responsive and light theme for Hugo inspired by Linux console.
Hexo Theme Anodyne
🌋 Original Bright Theme for Hexo
Some of the gulp tutorial -《gulp笔记》
🦊 🚀 A Powerful Tool to Simplify Your Angular Tests
A .NET standard project which aims to make keyboard and mouse input monitoring easy on Windows and eventually Linux.
Vscode Monokai Night
A complete, dark and minimalistic Monokai-inspired theme.
Go Restful Api
An idiomatic Go REST API starter kit (boilerplate) following SOLID principles and Clean Architecture
Rtorrent Cleaner
🧹 rtorrent-cleaner is a tool to clean up unnecessary files in rtorrent
Transform any method to an Rx Observable ! (VIPER)
Mcdowell Cv
A Nice-looking CV template made into LaTeX
Rehype Sanitize
plugin to sanitize HTML
自动删除 PC 端微信缓存数据,包括从所有聊天中自动下载的大量文件、视频、图片等数据内容,解放你的空间。
Nord Tmux
An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant tmux color theme.
🥤 COLA: Clean Object-oriented & Layered Architecture
Neovim Init.vim
🏮 The perfect Neovim configuration for productive people who wants to level up their Vim experience with a clean, minimal-looking aesthetic, as well as a highly extensible, easily customizable set of popular tools and shortcuts to boost productivity. 🏮
🍺 A simple discord bot that helps you getting started within
Clean Architecture Zh
Clean Mvvm Archcomponents
👽 Android app consuming Star Wars API.Built with clean architecture ,MVVM pattern, Koin , Coroutines + Flows ,Architecture Components, Data Binding , Firebase , Unit/UI Tests ,Motion Layout
A clean customizable documentation theme for Sphinx
[DISCONTINUED] An RSS, Atom and JSON feed aggregator available on Windows and Linux.
Tin Summer
Find build artifacts that are taking up disk space
Smart comment and whitespace cleaner for JavaScript-like files
A sample to represent Uber Riblets design pattern using Swift.
Tend the branches of your git garden
An unofficial Eyepetizer(开眼视频) App built using Ijkplayer, RxJava2, Retrofit2, Dagger2, Room , DataBinding and Clean-MVVM Architecture.
🎨 A clean CSS framework made to be dark, responsive and easy to build with.
✂️ Is a general library to help modify or set data within data structures and other objects.
A very simple startpage to replace new tab in a browser of choice.
A CSGO "base" with aimbot, BSP parsing, bunnyhop, triggerbot, aimassist, no flash and walkbot, glow esp
Clean Architecture with Node.js + Express.js
Persian translation of clean code concepts in PHP | ترجمه فارسی مفاهیم کد تمیز در پی اچ پی
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