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Red Team Infrastructure Wiki
Wiki to collect Red Team infrastructure hardening resources
The official command line interface for the DigitalOcean API.
RDBOX is an advanced IT platform for robotics and IoT developers that highly integrates cloud-native and edge computing technologies.
Awesome Digitalocean
A curated list of amazingly awesome DigitalOcean resources inspired by Awesome Sysadmin
Extremely simple Kubernetes resource templates | Source has moved to
Oci Cli
Command Line Interface for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Open Source Workflow Engine for Cloud Native Infrastructure
☄️ Temporal is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade interface into distributed and decentralized storage
A toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure.
Infrastructure to set up the public Compiler Explorer instances and compilers
A framework for building repeatable, containerized, cloud-based infrastructure as code with Kubernetes.
Manage Infrastructure as Code with less pain.
🕵️‍♂️ Sanity checking containers, vms, and servers
Pulumi Aws
An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pulumi resource package, providing multi-language access to AWS
A list of payload and bypass lists for penetration testing and red team infrastructure build.
The safe post-production pipeline -
Saves up to 90% of AWS EC2 costs by automating the use of spot instances on existing AutoScaling groups. Installs in minutes using CloudFormation or Terraform. Convenient to deploy at scale using StackSets. Uses tagging to avoid launch configuration changes. Automated spot termination handling. Reliable fallback to on-demand instances.
An Ansible playbook that apply the principle of the Infrastructure as Code on a QEMU/KVM environment.
Kubernetes Gitlab
Manifests to deploy GitLab on Kubernetes
Infra Ansible
Tooling / Ansible to support the many aspects of infrastructure installation, setup and configuration.
Terraform With Circleci Example
This is an example of automatic deployments of your infrastructure using terraform and CircleCI 2.0 workflows
🦔 Fast, lightweight & schema-less search backend. An alternative to Elasticsearch that runs on a few MBs of RAM.
kubicorn is a free and open source project that solves the Kubernetes infrastructure problem and gives users a rich golang library to work with infrastructure.
Kubernetes Ops
Running Kubernetes in production
Distributed self-replicating programs in Python
Go library to create resilient feedback loop/control controllers.
Testing framework for infrastructure software
React Redux Boilerplate
It is a boilerplate of React-Redux as the infrastructure, which helps to setup a Web APP quickly
Govuk Puppet
Puppet manifests used to provision the main GOV.UK web stack
A fast, general purpose, graph based build and task execution utility.
by ex-googlers, for ex-googlers - a lookup table of similar tech & services
Terraform Multienv
A template for maintaining a multiple environments infrastructure with Terraform. This template includes a CI/CD process, that applies the infrastructure in an AWS account.
AWS-powered serverless build, test and deploy pipeline ft. multiple environments
Defcon24 Infra Monitoring Workshop
Defcon24 Workshop Contents : Ninja Level Infrastructure Monitoring
Bottos Blockchain Service Layer, Decentralized App Platform
Hark Lang
Build stateful and portable serverless applications without thinking about infrastructure.
Infrastructure Puppet
Apache Infrastructure Puppet
[mirror] Install and manage self-hosted services/applications, on your own server(s) - ansible collection and utilities
Stolon Chart
Kubernetes Helm chart to deploy HA Postgresql cluster based on Stolon
🤖💨Mikado helps managing your AWS infrastructure for WordPress sites by defining an out-of-box, highly available, easy-to-deploy setup
public blockchain
A native Scala client for interacting with Consul
ᚩ A DSL for describing and solving differential equations in R
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